Beyoncé Makes Admission to Jay Z on Last Night of ‘On The Run’ Tour


During a concert in Paris, Beyoncé admitted to being her husband, Jay Z’s, “biggest fan.” There were reportedly about 81,000 in attendance at the stadium when the Drunk In Love songstress declared her adoration of her husband’s musical skills the last night of their current” On The Run” tour, according to People magazine.

Rapper Jay Z, 44, did not hesitate to pay back her compliment to him, telling Beyoncé, 33, that sharing the stage with her has “been an honor and a pleasure.” He added that he loved her, and that his wife was “the greatest entertainer of our time.”

Paris holds a special place in the hearts of Beyoncé and Jay Z. Jay Z told the huge audience in the City of Lights that it is special to them for two reasons, the first one being that “we got engaged here,” and the second one being Paris was “where baby Blue was conceived.”

Paris is definitely also the City of Love for countless people besides Beyoncé and Jay Z, but they are perhaps two of the most famous modern-day musical artists who have attested to the fact that the city works wonders for one’s libido. They both shared their compliments about each other and the news that Blue was conceived there at the second of two shows they performed at the famous Stade de France. Both of the shows were filmed and HBO will incorporate scenes from them in an upcoming special that they are planning.

Nicki Monaj, 31, made the concert even more special for the Parisian audience the last night by making a surprise appearance. She and Beyoncé shared the stage to do a remix of Flawless that rocked the audience out. In an Instagram post after the show, Nicki Monaj wrote that she had been “honored” to have shared the stage with two of her biggest influences, Jay Z and BEY.

Fittingly, as both Jay Z and Beyoncé are musical royalty, they share something in common with Prince William and Kate Middleton, if the reports are correct that Bey is pregnant. At least, her pregnancy was hinted at when husband Jay Z altered the lyrics to one of their songs, Beach Is Better, on Friday, September 12, to the words: “IF THE OVEN’S ON,” and also “pregnant with another one.” The full quote includes a couple of expletives.

While there has not been an official confirmation that Beyoncé is pregnant, many fans believe that Jay Z was suggesting that she is with child. One person, DAVID (@HighLikeDavey), who tweeted suggested that a good name for their second baby might be “Red Ivy.” Whether the rumor is true or not, even some celebs, like Russel Simmons and Andy Cohen, congratulated Jay Z and Beyoncé on Twitter.

Also, according to a source who spoke to a reporter from Daily Times, Jay Z has been “fiercely protective” of his wife and has been treating her “just like he was when she was expecting Blue Ivy.”

The have been rumors circulating for a while now that Jay Z’s marriage to Beyoncé was on the rocks and that he and she were in separate hotel rooms during their “On the Run” tour. In part, more than likely, at least some of these rumors resulted from a much-publicized “fight” that Jay Z had with Bey’s sister, Solange Knowles, in an elevator. Now, however, there have been reports that the supposed “fight” was really a publicity stunt. As to the rumors that Jay Z was cheating on his wife, Beyoncé has stated that she forgives whatever indiscretion he might have committed.

Which two celebrities are each other’s biggest fans in the world? The answer just might be Beyoncé and her husband, Jay Z. They seem to have rekindled their love for each other, if, in fact, it had ever been in danger of fizzling out, in the City of Love, Paris, France.

Written By Douglas Cobb

Business Standard
Indian Express
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