Blue Angels High Flying Military Pride Show This Weekend

This year the base will be highlighting women in aviation, and these women will take to the air as well as the Blue Angels headed up by Tom Frosch, their commander. The skill and precision these squadrons will fly and maneuver will be the highlight of the air show,and leave visitors stunned and breathless. Patty Wagstaff is a national champion aerobatics performer, and will wow the crowds with her daring in-air performance, along with Jacquie Warda who did not begin performing until the age of 50. She is now 62 and an impressive sight to see, as she will perform for the crowds in the grand stands. Many women pilots will be on hand as well as the Misty Blues, an all women skydiving group. The events will be as diverse as the people who attend, with something for everyone.

There will be many planes as well as pilots being represented, from a MiG-17 to the Vanguard Squadron which are fueled by ethanol. The Blue Angels are the stars of the show with their high-flying antics, that are a crowd pleaser every time.The air Blue Angelsmuseum will also be open, allowing visitors to actually board some of the most iconic planes, and get a first hand look at some of today’s military vehicles (See photo right). Along with the static exhibitions there will also be demonstrations from the United States Coast Guard and the Security forces.

This open house will have something for everyone including bands, Women Air Force Service Pilots, (WASP) a kids area with inflatables, and mini obstacle courses that include climbing and jumping in military style fun. Food and drinks will also be available, so it will make for an all around family activity that one can come out to and spend the day.

Selfridge is a diverse military base that is currently home to the Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, and Customs. It is truly a one of a kind, and being a home to the Blue Angels every few years is something they take pride in. They maintain a 9,000 foot runway which is used for Homeland Security and the Department of Defense for active and reserve use. It is also home to some of the most elite training of the armed forces in the United States. It was dubbed “Arsenal of Democracy” by Franklin D. Roosevelt, and is full of history that everyone should see, feel, and be a part of. 

by Kristi Cereska


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