‘BoJack Horseman:’ The BoJack Horseman Story

BoJack Horseman The Netflix Original

Dark comedy surrounds BoJack Horseman, (Will Arnet) washed-up television sitcom actor living life in the ruins of his career. BoJack Horseman is a Netflix original that appeared in its entirety on August 22. Set in a fictitious world similar to ours, anthropomorphic animals and humans live together. With the help of his ghostwriter, Diane Nguyen, (Allison Brie) free-loading roommate, Todd Chavez (Aaron Paul) and girlfriend/agent Princess Carolyn, (Amy Sedaris) BoJack attempts to create a popular biography and redeem himself.

With only 12 episodes in season one, those that binge watch the series will quickly desire more. Luckily, less than a week after airing, it was greenlit for another season. To those that have watched the end of season one, this news is not surprising.

Puns, wordplay, and animal jokes create a bottom layer of humor, especially in the earlier episodes. Once that foundation is established the show begins to step out of its comfort zone to explore more of the inner workings of characters and to of course, derive jokes from such. Some could compare the dark tone to Moral Orel.

Alison Brie and Will Arnet work very well together, as their past work on The Lego Movie shows. The writing in the show is exceptional and can be seen not only in the banter, but the way characters react and ignite conversations. Will Arnet puts so much depth into his character that the complexity leaves the viewer with a perspective of sadistic triumph, the strength within continuing along a path that seems entirely fulfilling. Not only is the main cast legitimate, but so is the supporting cast. Patton Oswald plays Pinky Penguin, (along with many other short-lived characters) who is depending on BoJack to bring him a book that can save his company and ultimately his life. Kristen Schaal plays child-star turned sex-idol Sarah Lynn, and comedian Paul F. Tompkins plays T.V. sitcom rival, Mr. PeanutButter.

The dark theme is something that helps to build the world. Even though BoJack comes from the glory of a television sitcom, his life is very different and the problems that surround him don’t magically end up fixed at the end of a 30 minute segment. For some, the dark cynical view of the world and those in it smashes the funny bone with a two ton hammer. The obvious problems in the world seem to only go noticed by BoJack, while others go even over his head (usually because he is involved) and directly to the viewer. “BoJack Horseman makes me sick. He voiced his opinion, even when it was unpopular, and that’s the most cowardly thing a person can do.”

BoJack Horseman is an example of Netflix pushing the envelope, considering they told creator Raphael Bob-Waksberg to do just that. The result is something funny and compelling that pulls at the heartstrings of its audience. However, the humor is certainly not for younger audiences. Season two will surely dive deeper into the unresolved issues that formulate BoJack’s existence, as for when it will be finished, no date has been given.

By Garrett Jutte
TV Guide
Huffington Post
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Fast Company

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