Britney Spears’ Heartfelt Letter to a Fan


Britney Spears has responded to a fan’s letter with a heartfelt letter of her own. The pop icon, who is currently under residency at the Planet Hollywood Hotel and Casino, met David LeCours when he had an opportunity to see the singer’s “Piece of Me” show in Las Vegas. The fan wrote Spears a letter detailing the troubling time in his life as he struggled to come out as a gay teen.

The teen explained in the letters how he listened to the Grammy-winning artist’s music, and that it helped him through difficult times. He also said that her music gave him strength to be who he was and to survive a time when he wanted to take his own life.

The superstar, who is no stranger to difficulties of her own, responded to the teen by telling him that she appreciated the letter he wrote and by encouraging him to remain true to himself. The mother of two has faced issues in the past, including a public custody battle over her two young boys with former husband, Kevin Federline. The singer filed for divorce in 2006 and faced a series of difficulties during and after the finalization of their divorce.

In the two years following the couple’s divorce, Spears was often photographed partying and reports were made that the star was using drugs and drinking heavily. She was reportedly forced into rehab in the middle of her public custody battle and at one point she shaved her head, sparking rumors about the star’s mental health. Concerns regarding the star’s instability were furthered when she locked herself in the bathroom of her home with her son and refused to hand him over for a visit with his father.

Despite the difficult time Spears went through, she picked herself up with the help of her family. She made a comeback with her Circus album and once again made headlines, shocking people with her return from the dark place she was once in.

People speculated as to whether the star could endure the stress of her Las Vegas residency show, which requires the star to perform frequently. Despite concerns, she has remained on track and wowed critics in the process.

In recent years, Spears has stayed out of the spotlight for the most part, with the exception of the announcement of her residency in Las Vegas and news this week of her breakup with boyfriend David Lucado.The singer reportedly addressed her recent breakup during her show on Aug. 31, 2014, stating that Lucado cheated on her, but her breakup is not the only reason the star is in the news.

Her letter to LeCours also made headlines and has delighted her fans and members of the gay community, who are applauding Spears for her kind gesture to someone who apparently endured a very trying time. They have stated their approval for the time she took to personally respond when so many celebrities would have allowed a publicist or manager to reply for them or would not have bothered to respond at all.

The singer herself knows what it is like to face challenges, even as a megastar, and in the letter she states that she tries her hardest every day to follow her heart. She attributes following her dreams and being true to herself for where she is today. She also encourages him to “keep smiling” and wishes him the best in the future.

By Amy Gilmore


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