Cee Lo Green: Consequences of Rape Tweets

Cee Lo Green
Cee Lo Green is dealing with the consequences of his tweets regarding rape from the end of August 2014. The singer originally took to Twitter to discuss the investigation into his alleged rape of a woman back in 2012. While the singer was never charged for rape, he did receive a minor sentence after agreeing to a plea deal for slipping the woman ecstasy. Green’s tweets regarding his stance on rape went viral and now those comments are coming back to haunt him.

Music festivals are now boycotting the artist. One in particular, the Gretna Heritage Festival, originally planned to have a performance from the singer but now his act has been pulled. A co-founder for the festival said that they promote family and safety at this event and they want to make sure they continue to promote that. This is not the only event pulling the plug on Green.

Concerts are dropping the singer from their lineups as well. A Navy sponsored concert that is to be held in Washington DC has also removed Green from their performers’ list. The concert sponsors have made their own announcement in regards to removing Cee Lo Green from the lineup. They are quoted as saying that they promote a culture of gender dignity, and therefore, his social media posts are in direct opposition to their beliefs. For their part, the Navy is trying to promote a culture in which sexual assault is not only considered to be unacceptable, but that the victims receive care and compassion while the offenders are held accountable for their actions.

The consequences of Cee Lo Green’s rape tweets are only just beginning for the singer. Fans are understandably upset and this is just the beginning for the singer as he deals with the fallout from his words on Twitter. The fans want to see Green show remorse for his words. Many believe the singer needs to lay low and keep quiet if he wants a chance at redeeming his career.

Cee Lo Green has been in the entertainment industry for approximately 20 years. While other celebrities have been able to come back from bad behavior, if the singer wants a chance to save his career then he needs to make amends. Some have suggested he make a donation to an organization that helps survivors of rape. Others believe that the singer needs to make a more whole-hearted apology, as the one he tweeted following his rape comments do not seem sincere in nature. Moreover, industry professionals are also suggesting a few months of silence from the singer. If Cee Lo Green focuses on his music instead of getting involved in a game of word, people may eventually forgive.

In the meantime, Cee Lo Green is going to have to deal with the consequences of his thoughtless words when he used Twitter to tweet his beliefs on rape. Words have meaning and the thoughtless words that Cee Lo Green used on Twitter are not going away any time soon. With two venues cancelling his upcoming performances, the singer may need to step back from the spotlight and pick up the pieces of his career.

By Kimberley Spinney


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