‘Destiny’ Shoots Sales Records [Video]


Destiny, the newest title from developer Bungie and publisher Activision, has beaten several sales records in the first week of release. The new IP can lay claim to records in the general market as well as on the Playstation 4 home console, where it has seen the most success. Although sales are high, reviews from professional outlets and users have been mixed through the stellar sales opening.

Activision announced that Bungie’s new title, which has a planned longevity of ten-years, has already made $325 million in sales across all available platforms. The publisher revealed that these sales numbers accounted for the first five days of availability, putting this release “on par” with a Call of Duty title, according to the publisher. So far, 100 million hours and 137 million activities have been logged on the game’s servers with Activision representative Eric Hirshberg saying that this is “just the beginning.” The title is not only the most popular Playstation 4 game to date for the system, but also the fastest selling new IP in the United Kingdom’s history.

Perhaps the most popular record Destiny has beaten was already beaten earlier this year when Ubisoft’s Watch Dogs went on sale. Bungie’s new title toppled Watch Dogs as the best selling new franchise in video game history. Although no sales figures were released by Activision, some experts have estimated around 5 million units came and went from shelves during the five day window. Watch Dogs, which held the record for only three months, sold 4 million during the same window while releasing on the same amount of home consoles plus PC.

The new game’s success has run hand-in-hand with the Playstation 4 across the world, despite the title being available on Xbox consoles as well. Japanese gamers were only treated to Destiny on Sony’s home console, with the Xbox One and 360 low sales numbers not allowing for a viable release in the territory. In the United Kingdom, Playstation 4 hardware sales rose 300 percent amidst the biggest week of the year for game sales. Early hardware comparisons show Playstation 4 selling at a two-to-one ratio over Xbox One for this same span of time.

In North America, a Sony representative took to their official blog to state the success of the title to date. Adam Boyes simply said that this new title is now “the biggest PS4 game launch in North America.” He also stated that the corresponding week was the largest hardware sales week since Christmas 2013 for the system. The science-fiction shooter has also broken broadcasting records, being the “most shared” game during the week of release.

Destiny and the staggering opening sales may not sit well with some reviewers that called the shooter average or worse. The game currently has an average of 77 out of 100 on Metacritic for the Playstation 4 version. In the official review for this site, it was called “too much of the same” to live up to the legendary title bestowed by the game’s marketing campaign. However, the review did notice the game’s potential, saying “there is fun to be had here,” but with a majority of that potential relying on future expansions to bring Destiny to its universal heights.

By Myles Gann

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