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The trademark Disney brand has always been very near and dear to people’s hearts, but as of late, society has begun to include Disney characters, worlds and similar themes in every aspect possible. The constant love for the brand is most likely due to the creation of such in-depth character relations that are all vastly different from each other and iconic in a way that nearly anyone can relate to.

Walt Disney’s first ever full-length film was Snow White and the Seven Dwarves, which was released in 1937. There may be a handful of people that have not seen this film and if they have not, they will most likely recognize names like “Dopey” the dwarf or be familiar with the poison apple given to Snow White by the old witch. This is because even Disney’s most dated works are still extremely relevant to today’s world of pop culture.

Series 1 of Disney Funko POP! Vinyl Figures.

The Disney brand is traditionally known as subject matter for children, but if one takes a look on their Facebook feed or even takes a casual stroll at a shopping mall, it is evident that boys, girls, men and women of all ages have some sort of relation to the brand. It is not to say that Disney is a crucial part to everyone’s life, it is simply being stated that the fact that these characters have remained so timeless that they can still be seen on a daily basis. That is somewhat miraculous.

Children love to dive in to all the various toys that Disney produces each year, but there are a number of collectibles and similar objects that appeal to adults as well. Merchandising company, Funko, is known for their large-headed, bug-eyed POP! vinyl figure series that put an original twist on some of the world’s most famous icons, TV shows, movies and athletes. Funko has supplied multiple series of POP! figures from the Disney vault ranging from classic characters like Cinderella and Peter Pan all the way to the likes of brand new characters from films like Frozen or the upcoming Big Hero 6.

Hot Topic’s Line of ‘Maleficent’-Inspired Clothing.

Retail stores such as Hot Topic and Spencer’s and even super stores like Target and Walmart feature lines of Disney clothing for adults and kids. In the past, clothes like these were simply one’s favorite character laminated on a t-shirt, whereas now clothing designers have gone to further heights by attempting to make these Disney-branded clothes more fashion-forward. Hot Topic even features a full line of clothing that is completely inspired by the recently released blockbuster, Maleficent.

Disney characters and scenarios are constantly mentioned in today’s media. Internet users could spend a good hour or so taking the many “What Disney Character Are You?” quizzes that are blowing up the Facebook and Twitter feeds. The hit TV show Orange Is the New Black makes reference to The Little Mermaid’s Ursula, and the ABC series Once Upon a Time includes numerous fairytale characters, some of which use the exact names and backstories given to them by the Disney brand. The company has also made quite a large dent in the world of video games with numerous Disney Princesses titles released as well as the very successful toy/video game combination title Disney Infinity and the PlayStation classic Kingdom Hearts series.

The aforementioned examples are only a glimpse at the many inclusions Disney has in society today. If the fairytale world of Disney has thrived for this long, one can only anticipate it will be around for many years to come.

By Cody Collier

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