Drew Carey Offering Reward in Ice Bucket Prank

Drew Carey

Drew Carey has stepped up and offered to donate a reward for the capture of the teens involved in a malicious ice bucket challenge prank. In an act of bullying, several high school students were caught on video dumping a bucket filled with spit, feces and urine over the head of a 14-year-old autistic boy. In an effort to catch the young offenders, Carey has offered a $10, 000 donation as a reward.

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is a viral movement that was meant to help bring awareness to Lou Gehrig’s disease. Instead, of the usual bucket of ice water that is used in the challenge, the 14-year-old was instead covered in excrement and waste. As the boy stood in his underwear in someone’s driveway, the other teenagers dumped the vile bucket over his head from the roof. The entire act was filmed on the young boy’s cell phone and then was uploaded to Instagram. The boy, who did not know what had been dumped on him at first, was extremely embarrassed and tried to hide what had happened.

Police have gotten involved and are currently investigating the matter and trying to locate the individuals who participated in the bullying incident against the autistic teen. School officials are also saying that when the teenagers are caught they will be disciplined. The parents of the boy involved in the event released the video in an effort to make others aware of bullying and its consequences. When Carey saw the video he immediately tweeted his reactions on Twitter and voiced his opinion that the offenders should be not only expelled from school but also arrested.

In an effort to help the police locate the unknown teenagers involved in the ice bucket prank, Carey decided to offer a reward fund, beginning with a $10,000 donation. He is also offering to donate the same exact amount of money to Autism Speaks if the police are able to locate the responsible parties without the need for reward money.

Carey’s actions are drawing the praise of many, including Autism activists and parents of children with autism. While many have condemned the act of bullying against the 14-year-old, Carey is the first famous individual to step up and offer a way to help. This act of bullying has outraged many, including the police who are investigating the incident. While a rally was held prior to a football game at the high school for the boy, it is the generosity of Carey that has gotten people talking.

Carey’s offer of a reward in the ice bucket prank has brought more attention to the incident. It has made people stop and talk about the bullying that happens in this country. Special needs children in particular are often the targets of bullying and abuse. By stepping up and offering to help, Carey has shown his support for those who have been victims, in the hope that those who act with malice will be caught and punished.

By Kimberley Spinney


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