Face Off: Killer Instinct (Recap and Review)

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Face Off: Killer Instinct (Recap and Review)

This week’s SyFy series episode of Face Off: Killer Instinct had a Halloween flavor in both the “foundation” challenge and the spotlight one. With nine contestants left, the pressure is on for them to do well and once the initial excitement of the subject matter wore off, the stress to do well preyed upon some of the remaining contestants.

The first part of the show dealt with Urban Legend Bloody Mary. Host McKenzie Westmore stood next to a standing mirror and asked the hopefuls to say the name three times while staring into the looking glass. Once they finished nine models came in followed by Brigette Myre-Ellis, the award winning makeup artist from Buffy the Vampire Slayer and True Blood. The artist judged the creations of the contestants.

In this initial “mini-challenge” Rachel and Drew really impressed Brigette. The bloody tears of Drew’s characterization of Bloody Mary was a winner but Rachel’s face-stealing vision won the competition. As per the show’s rules this meant that she had immunity for the spotlight section.

The remaining contestants then showed up on a dark Universal Studios Lot where Mckenzie stood in front of a theatre marquee which had “Universal Studios Halloween Horror Night,” on it. In this segment, the focus was on “one of the most timeless forms of advertising” aka film posters. Each artist had to chose a poster and use its imagery, title and tagline to create their horrific characters.

The next step in Face Off: Killer Instinct was for the contestants to make their choices and the poster title for each challenger was: Stella – The Trophy Room, Keaghlan – Homecoming Scream, Sasha – Bonnie and Cyanide, Rachel – Bone Appetit, Dina – Cloven, Drew – We Met Online, Damien – Buzz Cut, George – Axe Girlfriend and Cig – The Second Chumming.

The real significance of the theatre marquee was revealed when the special guests for this week’s episode were brought out by Ms. Westmore. Creative Directors for Universal City’s Halloween Horror Night in Hollywood and Orlando, John Murdy and Mike Aiello were there to give tips to the challengers. Mckenzie revealed that this week’s contest had a “major prize on the line this week.”

John explained that for the first time ever this year, the best creations from each season of Face Off would be featured in both Halloween Horror Nights Haunted Maze including the one from this episode’s challenge. The two men who create the maze told the hopefuls that they should concentrate on the tagline for their creations.

All of the contestants were excited and very passionate about the challenge. Keaghlan Ashley picked a 1950s look for her creation and like all the female challengers, except Rachel, picked a rather bloodless creature. The men all went for the gore effect with varying degrees of success.

As the artists worked on their ideas, George and Drew clowned around with some mullet hair pieces and Sasha joined in with a giant blonde “fro.” Despite the fun atmosphere, Dina had real problems with her demon reindeer. Rachel, even though she was “safe” in this competition really got into the challenge and came up with a old woman who had a mouth and teeth in her chest for her film poster Bone Appetit.

George made some “Dina” fingers and Damien made a skull cap. By day two, Dina was definitely not happy about how her work. Sasha still felt fairly confident at this stage and Stella worked on her trophy severed head.

Day three saw the models coming in with only four hours till “last looks.” Rachel was overjoyed with her character and Cig was confident that his “chum bag” would look great with its bubblegum-pink base. Sasha lost her way while painting veins on her Bonnie and she felt that this might be her last show. She was not alone, Dina also had the feeling that she might be voted off this week.

The last minute prep showed the high and the lows of the confidence levels of the contestants. When the initial judging took place, Glenn Hetrick, Lois Burwell and Neville Page immediately sent out Stella, Drew and Damien as the “safe” challengers in the contest.

The judges clearly adored Rachel’s creation’s “tummy teeth” as Lois put it, George’s Axe Girlfriend’s “controlled gore” was also a winner and Cig’s Chum Bag was another clear favorite this week. Sadly, Dina, Sasha and Keaghlan were in the bottom in this episode. While all agreed that Keaghlan’s creature was ambitious it just missed the mark.

Dina and Sasha were both informed that their characters did not work at all. At the end of the process, Sasha was voted off. However, as Mckenzie pointed out to the panel, they still had their “save card” and all three opted to save Sasha from being sent home.

By the end of Face Off: Killer Instinct Sasha was so excited, stunned and grateful to be saved that she almost walked off the edge of the small stage. The young Jill Ireland look-a-like was saved despite missing the mark so completely and Keaghlan being in the bottom this week was stressful. It appears that both these girls, along with Dina, had problems with the horror despite their passion about the challenge. George won the contest in this episode and his creation will be in the maze. Next week’s episode will see the same nine competing again and the save card has been used.

By Michael Smith