Facebook Has Kept a Few Secrets


Facebook has been known to bring an over 1,200 percent Return on Investment (ROI) for its advertisers. However, Facebook has a few marketing tools which could be some of the best kept secrets of social media marketing. As such, these tools could prove to make the advertising efforts of Facebook’s business community even more lucrative. These tools harness the power of statistical probability, creative thinking and mobile computing. Facebook emphasizes that there is still no substitute for old-fashioned relationship-building in the quest to increase a business revenue stream.

The first secret that the Company describes as “little known” is its Facebook Graphs. This tool allows businesses to point advertising campaigns to niche audiences that are often overlooked or just simply missed by corporate marketing efforts because of their highly specialized needs, such as in the fields of medicine, engineering, law enforcement, and others. Using statistical algorithms, Facebook Graphs is able to aid businesses in target campaigns to these niche markets by compiling pre-collected data on interests, hobbies and professional needs. This tool would mean aiming products and services to people who are already poised to need them and receive them. Many use a tool called Facebook Instant Graphs. It is similar to Facebook Graphs minus much of the targeting power.

Video ads are another secret weapon within the marketing arsenal of Facebook. The ability to add a face, a voice, a product demonstration, or perhaps all three to an ad can increase consumer confidence, as the businesses using this method do not feel like strangers the more their videos are viewed. Facebook video ads are a way to appeal to the more conservative business owner who needs to see things in order to believe in their worth or usefulness. These video ads can also be targeted at a specific audience.

The final Facebook marketing secret is called App Links. It utilizes a method called deep linking to give the user the ability to bounce from one app to another. This tool is clearly aimed at the exploding number of business users that utilize mobile computing apps and instruments for their daily business operations. This makes mobile advertising very valuable to Facebook users. This rivals only Google in use, scope and popularity. Deep linking also puts Facebook and Google at odds over purpose. Facebook uses App Links as a way to make mobile advertising more palatable to mobile browser users as a whole, whereas Google seems to use deep linking more as a means to bring non-Apple products, such as Android, to the forefront.

It seems that such tools should be more at the vanguard of advertising campaigns and other efforts to drive sales traffic to a business, whether it be to its physical location or to its website or blog. However, recent tensions between Facebook and Google have gained their own momentum propelling this mobile advertising platform forward in its exposure to the business public as a marketing secret. As of now, Facebook’s App Links is the clear winner as far as being the marketing tool choice of the mobile business as Facebook has presented this technology in its proper venues and has capitalized on the rising tensions with Google.

By Tiffany Cook

Business Today
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