Homecoming Queen Puts Bullies in Their Place [Video]


A Texas teen was meant to be on the receiving end of a bully’s prank, but her friend, who was voted homecoming queen, did not let that happen, ending the prank on a high note and putting the pranksters in their place. The episode began when a group of kids told Lillian Skinner, a 17-year-old senior, that she was on the ballot for the homecoming court when she was not, and thinking they were her friends, she believed them. Unfortunately, bullying is a huge part of the lives of teens and pre-teens. These stories make people angry enough to speak out against such actions, but a teen girl in Texas actually did something about it, instead of just talking to get the media’s attention.

Anahi Alvarez and friend Naomi Martinez, two girls who were on the ballot for the homecoming court, describe Skinner as a “friend to everyone,” saying she is one of the sweetest people they know. The two seniors, who had been friends with Skinner since seventh grade, had gotten wind about the bullies when their friend excitedly told them that she had been nominated. Alvarez and Martinez then made a pact that if either of them actually won Homecoming Queen, they would give the honor to the bullied girl. They ran this past their teacher, who then explained their plan to the principal of Grand Prairie High School, Lorimar Arendse. The principal told news crews that he has never been prouder of any students than he was that day, and he is proud to send girls like these out into the world. In a true selfless act, the teens secretly pledged to put the bullies in their place by crowning their friend in the most public of ways. For two girls so young to realize that even the smallest of selfless acts can change the life of someone else, is inspirational, amazing and worth sharing.

Alvarez was indeed crowned queen, and in a twist that her friend did not see coming, crowned Skinner right there on the football field in front of the entire school. The surprised senior told the news station that at first she was confused, as she knew by then that the bullies had lied to her and that she was not even on the ballot. The video below is from the TV station in Grand Prairie, Texas, that first brought the news of the selfless girls’ good deed to the world. It is heartwarming to hear good news on local stations, and it seems to happen not often enough.

As more and more children get bullied at school and online, it is the duty of anyone that witnesses it to do something, or to tell someone about it. The time to stand idly by is over, and these two teen girls are prime examples of how to stand for good instead of taking the easy way out by looking the other way. Bullies being put in their place by those most popular at school will put them out of commission for good, and all teens could take a page from this Homecoming Queen’s book, and stand up for what is right.

Opinion by Kristi Cereska

NBC News
The Blaze

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