In Tennessee, Seven Teenagers on the Run From Detention Center

In Tennessee, Seven Teenagers On the Run From Detention Center

In Nashville, Tennessee, at the present time, there are seven teenagers on the run  stated a spokesperson for the Woodland Hills Youth Development Center. There were around 30 teenagers who escaped out of the detention center by crawling beneath a fragile spot located in a fence late Monday evening.

The teens, whose ages range from 14 to 19 ended up leaving their rooms at approximately 11 p.m. Monday night. It was said that they “overwhelmed” the staff who were located in a common area, explained spokesperson Rob Johnson, who works for the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services Eight were left on the loose after the others had been caught but one decided to turn himself into the center on Tuesday.

Johnson added that detention center staffing was lighter during the later evening hours, and so, apparently they all planned for that fact, but nothing was known for sure just yet.

The group was reported to have kicked out a metal plate located beneath a window in order to reach out into the detention center yard, and then all ran for the chain link fence. The enclosure is submerged eight inches beneath the ground, but the teenagers were able to yank up a fragile portion and then slipped out under it.

Employees at the detention center rang up police just as soon as they caught the teens escaping, Johnson explained to the media. Two were apprehended instantly and most of the others were discovered throughout the night. Some were found by the police while other went ahead and turned themselves in. There were others who were even turned in by their families.

Doors which lead to the teenagers’ rooms are not kept locked, and they had admission into the common area and that was the room from which they fled. The director of residential operations explained to the media. He added that the metal plates would be reinforced so a similar kind of escape could not occur again.

None of nearly 20 staff members who were on duty were injured, stated law enforcement. Nashville law enforcement and the Tennessee State Police were still on the lookout for seven of the teens late Tuesday afternoon, while the other 23 were moved to juvenile court where they may face charges of escape, stated authorities. The majority of the detainees at the detention center have committed three or more felonies, said Johnson, but the facility was actually more similar to a high school that has security than any sort of adult penitentiary.

In Nashville, around 30 teenagers escaped out of the Woodland Hills Youth Development Center by crawling beneath a flimsy spot located in a fence late Monday evening. As of Tuesday evening, there are still seven on the run, stated a spokesperson for detention center. The teenagers, whose ages range from 14 to 19 ended up leaving their rooms at approximately 11 p.m. Monday night and “overwhelmed” the employees who were working in a common area.

By Kimberly Ruble


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