Jay Z Reveals Beyonce Is Pregnant?

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Jay Z Reveals Beyonce is Pregnant?

It seems that Jay Z allegedly revealed the news that Beyonce is pregnant during a concert on Friday night in Paris or else he was attempting to draw more attention toward his and Beyonce’s tour. While in the city, numerous witnesses stated that Jay Z made the big announcement to the astonished crowd.

The observers stated that while he was performing Beach Is Better, Jay Z supposedly altered the lyrics of one line in order to reveal the surprise. They are saying he rapped “Cause she pregnant with another one,” instead of the regular “I replace it with another one,” which would be exactly what he did.

Several different media sources have revealed that they listened to audio of the performance and have tried their hardest to hear what Jay Z said during the suspected sentence chance but no one is able to confirm that was really what he rapped. The various media sources who listened to it so far stated it was just too tough to be sure. Even so, the supposed switch is the talk of the Internet without any confirmation Jay Z changed the lyrics.

Rumors have been running fairly rampant as of late to the status of rather Beyonce is or is not carrying her second child. A photograph has been going around, which has come straight from the tour, that seems to show the happy pair brightly cupping what looks to a newly forming baby bump on Beyonce’s abdomen. BeyHive associates have also been talking about how Beyonce’s show outfits have had a slight change to them recently. People are wondering if a pregnancy is the reason for the alterations.

It was just last week that the pair appeared to look happier than ever while they were vacationing in Italy. They also have been nothing but smiles in their latest outings despite incessant rumors of an approaching split. The couple’s first, Blue Ivy, was born Jan. 7, 2012.

However rumors follow Beyonce and Jay Z wherever they go. Where did this rumor come from and is it possibly true or not? The rumor has been on and off for a few weeks but really took flight after reports of Jay Z allegedly changing the lyrics in his song.

Fans have piped up with their thoughts and the majority are plainly enchanted and thrilled. Most of the BeyHive’s responses to Beyone have been to the effect of, “Beyonce is pregnant for the second time, this baby is gonna be named Red Sky.” Her fans are happy as long as she is but they just want to know what the truth is. Is she really pregnant or not?

It seems that only about two months ago, Queen Bey put up a picture of herself on Instagram that showed her enjoying an alcoholic drink. There was another photograph taken of the pair on Aug. 31 at a music festival where it appeared that Beyonce was drinking a glass of beer.

What is the truth? Guess everyone will just have to wait and see in time if Jay Z allegedly revealed the news that Beyonce is pregnant during a concert on Friday night in Paris or else he really was just attempting to draw more attention for his and Beyonce’s tour.

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