Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper Complete Third Film ‘Serena’ [Trailer]

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Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper Complete Third Film 'Serena' [Trailer]

Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper have completed their third film together and Lawrence is both determined and brutal in the movie, entitled Serena. The pair are a married couple named George and Serena, who work together to construct a timber empire in late 1920’s North Carolina during the Great Depression. Lawrence’s character challenges the female typecast of that time period with her domineering attitude and authority.

Life for Serena and George seems to be going blissfully until she finds out that she is unable to have any children. George has fathered a child from a prior relationship and after Serena learns of her infertility, her and George’s corporation, both private and business, is put into jeopardy. So are the lives of his ex-wife and child.

Serena is based from the novel written by Ron Rash and also stars Rhys Ifans, age 47. It was directed by Susanne Bier, who also directed Halle Berry and Benicio Del Toro’s 2007 movie Things We Lost in the Fire, along with the Danish 2010 film In a Better World, which ended up winning an Oscar.

Serena is set to debut at the London Film Festival on Oct. 13 and be released in U.K. theaters on Oct. 24 and various other countries, mainly in Europe, over the next few months. A release in the U.S. has yet to be announced.

Lawrence and Cooper did their first movie together when they filmed Silver Linings Playbook back in 2012. They were also a couple in that film which earned Lawrence, age 24 her first Oscar and Cooper, age 39, an Academy Award nomination They both also starred in the collaborative dramedy cast of American Hustle and each again received Oscar nominations for their respective roles.

Even though Serena does not yet have a date for release in the United States just yet, that does not mean American audiences cannot catch a glimpse of the dynamic pair together in a brand new movie trailer that has just been released to the public. It is below for anyone who wants to view it:

The production of Serena started back in 2012, right on the eve of The Hunger Games, which made Lawrence an international star. With such celebrity and Oscar lineage involved with the movie, it is hard not to wonder what has taken Serena such a long time to come to the big screen and why has it not yet made the most out of having Lawrence’s and Cooper involved with it. It took almost two years to finish the movie, and extended productions seldom portend any good tidings for a finished creation.

However in November of 2013, when Serena was first being sent out to distributors, a media source quoted an anonymous person as stating the film appeared to be in fine shape because there did not have to be any reshoots or anything of the sort. It was basically just a meticulousness edit because Susanne is a complete perfectionist.

Serena is set to open at the London Film Festival and all over Britain in October. Magnolia Pictures is the company that is issuing the film around the United States and they have an unplanned release date sometime in 2015. Anyone that is a Lawrence and/or Cooper fan will surely enjoy the pair’s third film together.

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