Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea in Risque Booty Video

Jennifer Lopez, J Lo

Jennifer Lopez released her Booty remix video starring a lot of barely covered backsides as she and Iggy Azalea shake it and more. Some will wonder if this video is about the music or about sex, and the lines are definitely blurred. Fans of the two powerhouses, and their banging booty’s will certainly enjoy this release. The video has been out for just over a week and has almost 17 million views, the song however is also the star of a second video with more than just  J Lo and Azalea. Maybe it is the booty who is the star, as the release of this video proved that booty shaking is not out of style and tweerking is back with a vengeance.

The video with just the two blockbuster singers is nothing more than bodies moving to the music, front to back, back to back, name it, and it is most certainly on the video. Fans of the two beauties have made the release one huge success.

However the official video is more for the fans of the music, and it still packs a punch with sexing it up, however, it also includes a lot of actual dancing. It starts out with Pit Bull on a yacht, and do not worry, the fans will get epic dance moves through out the video by the incomparable Miss Lopez. The singer really does know how to shake what her Mama gave her, and there is no lack of shaking in the video, she keeps it real and keeps her clothes on in this version. Although there is no lack of sexy scenes, the official video for the song has only raked in just under five million views, as opposed to the more intimate version.

Nicki Minaj makes an appearance and is much more tame than in her Anaconda music video, which made records for the most viewed in the first 24 hours. No twerking for Minaj this time around, she does sexy effortlessly while lounging in a pool or in a mansion with Lil Wayne.

Iggy Azalea is today’s rising star and the female rapper to go to, for many of the pop stars, like Rita Ora, Arrianna Grande, and Lopez is no exception.  Iggy takes the sexy swimsuit she wears in the 1st video to the next level in this one. With barely anything to cover her breasts and leaving nothing to the imagination, the rapper elite lies on a diving board while delivering her lines. It is all in good fun, as at least the music is highlighted in this version, and the fans can see just how good a dance tune it could be.

J Lo and her dance team are definitely the stars in this video, however, the caliber of those backing her up makes this a need to see production. The video is explicit and is a no holds barred interpretation of the song. Viewers are to be warned that should one chose to view either video, it has no outright nudity, but alludes to the sexiness of the female body in a very explicit way. Jennifer Lopez and Iggy Azalea are a force to be reckoned with in either video, and fans will make sure it rockets up the charts.

opinion by Kristi Cereska

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