Jennifer Lopez Hit by Drunk Driver

Jennifer Lopez Hit

Jennifer Lopez, her friend Leah Remini, and their children were all hit by a drunk driver on Saturday, Sept. 27. They were going along the Pacific Coast Highway in Malibu with Jennifer’s twins Max and Emme, age 6, and Leah’s daughter Sofia, age 10, when they were rear-ended by a pickup truck. Remini was doing the driving while Lopez sat beside her in the passenger seat. All the kids were in back. Reportedly, the driver of the truck appeared to be intoxicated and took off from the scene of the accident after hitting them. Happily, the two stars, along with the three youngsters, were all safe and uninjured.

Lopez and Remini proceeded to dial up 911 emergency services and described both driver and automobile to California police. The reckless and negligent driver was, in due course, tracked down and taken into custody for charges of DUI and hit and run. Lopez shared photographs of the accident with followers of her Instagram account. She wrote that she and Leah had been waiting at a stoplight and “riding high just before a drunk fool” rear-ended them in her new car. She put up a picture of her and Remini and also one of the kids. She also wanted to assure her fans that her lips had supposedly stayed glossy.

The American Idol judge was able to vent some frustration on Instagram and she was also able to inform that everyone inside the car was alright. It also seems that since Lopez has broken up with Casper Smart, she and Leah have become almost inseparable. They were last seen on Thursday evening, as they celebrated a girl’s night out at the Ago Restaurant in West Hollywood. Jennifer and Leah have appeared to have become closer than ever and even went on vacation together just a few weeks after Lopez was said to have officially ended her relationship with Smart. She is attempting to get her life back together after she broke up with him back in June of this year. It was then that claims emerged that he had been caught flirting with the transsexual model Sofie Vissa.

However, it appears the superstar, age 45, is right back in the swing of things and looking better than ever after she released her newest single, Booty, in August. The jaw-dropping art on the front cover made tongues wag as Lopez displayed her wonderful figure for the camera and definitely proved to the entire world that there is not another booty anywhere the globe over that is able to rival hers.

As for the accident, California police released a statement which said that Lopez and Remini were indeed inside a car with three children, when they were struck by a pickup truck. It hit them while they were sitting at a stoplight and then proceeded to drive away. The driver was later caught and charged with both a DUI and a hit and run. Thankfully, Jennifer Lopez and her family and friends were uninjured by the drunk driver.

By Kimberly Ruble


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