Jimmy Fallon and Andy Samberg Play 5 Second Movie Summaries


The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon was terrific this Wednesday, with Jimmy’s first guest being the comedian Andy Samberg, who he plays the game 5 Second Movie Summaries with. Fallon’s second guest on the Tonight Show was NBA pro basketball player, Kevin Durant, while his musical guest was the country western musician, Kenny Chesney!

Jimmy Fallon began the Tonight Show by thanking his audience for being there, then he launched into his monologue. He talked about President Obama saluting a Marine with a coffee cup in his hand, mentioning how controversial that was, and added he was “surprised it wasn’t a bottle of whisky.”

Then, he joked about the Secret Service “putting up a three foot fence around the White House. “It seems pretty low, but most Americans can’t get over a baby gate in their own houses.” He said another security measure they are thinking of doing is “filling a three-foot deep moat with timid goldfish.”

“In ‘Celebrity News,’ Kanye West has apparently been teaching a class in Los Angeles,” Jimmy Fallon said. “That’s okay, but the students asked ‘Why are we being punished?'”

Continuing his monologue, Fallon said “Attorney General Eric Holder said that the numbers of prison inmates have dropped for the first time since 1980. That sounds like either great news, or the worst way possible to announce a prison break.”

After the monologue, Jimmy asked announcer Steve Higgins how he was doing, and Higgins said “good,” and said that “Andy Samberg will be on tonight.”

Fallon said “He is hilarious, from Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Andy Samberg is here! Also, the Durantula, Kevin Durant, is in the house! And, then we have a performance by the great country western music star, Kenny Chesney!”

Then, Jimmy Fallon did the very first installment of  “Kid Letters.” The letters “are 100 percent real,” Fallon said. The first letter had the advice “if you can’t do a joke, don’t do it.”

“What did the buffalo say to his kid on the first day of school? Bye, son,” Fallon said. It was a joke one of the other children had sent in.

“If you see Mrs. Obama again, tell her she’s the reason I got into humus,” another child wrote.

“Our first guest stars in Brooklyn Nine-Nine, ladies and gentlemen, Andy Samberg!”

“Andy Samberg, this is your first time on my Tonight Show,” Fallon said.

“Yeah, starring you!” Andy said.

“Somebody named a hamburger after you?” Fallon asked.

“Yeah — you heard of Umami Burgers? They asked me if I wanted a burger named after me. I thought one with everything that goes on a Chicago hot dog would be good,” Andy said. The hamburger is called a “Samburger.” He brought a couple, one for him to eat and one for Jimmy to try. Fallon said “Hey, there could be a Heisenburger, one with meth on it.”

Then, Jimmy Fallon talked with Andy about this season of Brooklyn Nine-Nine. It will come on right after The Simpsons on Fox. Andy said “They’re doing a cross-over episode of The Simpsons and Family Guy.” Fallon then asked Andy what his character would be doing this season.

“Guys, welcome back!” Jimmy Fallon said after another commercial break. “We’re here with comedian Andy Samberg!”

Andy told Jimmy that “I am actually on Facebook, but I only have one Friend — Mark Zuckerberg. Zuckerberg is the one who sent the account up for him. Andy said that he started getting Friend requests from Zuckerberg’s friends, Zuckerberg told him how to go into his settings and prevent anything more like that from happening again.

“At the end of last season, I was going undercover with the Mob. Every one of the Samburgers sold, the proceeds go to a charity,” Samberg said, and talked about what it is to Fallon.

“Andy Samberg and I are going to do 5 Second Movie Summaries after the break,” Fallon said.

“It’s time to play a game called 5 Second Summaries. The name of a movie is on the card — you can’t use any of the words in the title or any of the actors’ names, and you have to summarize the plot so I will get the movie’s name right.”

“This was a relationship via the Internet,” Andy said. The answer was “You’ve Got Mail,” but Fallon did not get it, nor one on Independence Day.

“This round will be even more intense. You have only three seconds,” Fallon said.


“To keep the audience interested in the game,” Fallon answered.

“Here we go — three seconds on the clock ‘This plane is going down!” he said, in the voice of Nicholas Cage. Fallon got it correct, saying “Con Air!” then, Fallon impersonated Sylvester Stalone in The Expendables and Andy got it right.

“Now, just one second on the clock. It will really put the audience on edge,” Jimmy Fallon said.

“What do I get if I win?” Samberg wanted to know.

“I’ll buy burgers not just for you but all of the cast members of Brooklyn Nine-Nine,” Fallon said.

“Honey Nut Cheerios!” Andy blurted out.

Honey, I Shrunk the Kids!” Fallon answered. Actually, Andy used the word “honey” in his clue, but oh, well….


“Our next guest is the MVP of last year, leaders and gentlemen, Kevin Durant!” Jimmy Fallon exclaimed.

Kevin sat down and Fallon told him “Thanks for being here, buddy.” Andy had decided to stick around, and was sitting next to Durant.

Jimmy Fallon talked about how great his MVP acceptance speech was, talking about his mom and his brother and one of his best memories about going to his first apartment and there was no bed for him there, and they did a group hug. Then, Fallon mentioned the latest NBA game with Durant on the cover of it. Fallon said that he was “pretty good” at it, also. Durant told him that he had tournaments with his kids during the summer.

“Do you play as you?” Fallon said.

“No, that would be arrogant,” Kevin Durant answered.

“Who do you play as, then?”

“I play as Lebron,” he said.

Jimmy Fallon told him they would play whenever Durant could come back next, and he would be Kevin Durant and Durant would be Lebron. It should be quite an interesting game whenever that happens!


After a commercial break, Jimmy Fallon introduced his musical guest, country western star Kenny Chesney, singing a song off of his album The Big Revival. It was pretty cool, and he sang the song American Kids off of it. One of the lines mentioned “little pink houses,” reminiscent of John Cougar Mellencamp’s song of the same name. Chesney had on a white cowboy hat tonight, a pinkish shirt and faded blue jeans as he played his guitar and sang.”A little messed up but we’re all alright,” was another line from the song.

On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Wednesday, Jimmy had some great guests, as usual. His first guest of the show was fellow Saturday Night Live alum and star of Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Andy Samberg. His second guest was the 2013 NBA MVP, Kevin Durant. The Tonight Show closed with a terrific song by country western musician, Kenny Chesney.

Written By Douglas Cobb

NBC Universal Media Village

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