Jimmy Fallon and Chris Pratt Play ‘Word Sneak’ [Video]


It’s Thursday, almost the weekend, and Jimmy Fallon has some great guests tonight on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon! Chris Pratt for Guardians of the Galaxy will be Fallon’s first guest and he and Jimmy played the game Word Sneak. His second guest was actress Rosamund Pike, and his musical guest was the amazing John Cougar Mellencamp!

Jimmy began the show by welcoming his audience to the Tonight Show. “Here’s what everyone’s talking about. Eric Holder is resigning after five years. Obama siad ‘Wait — you can do that?”

Reporters have been complaining that the White House has been asking them to change some of their articles. The White House said ‘That is not true. Would you please change that?”

“Bill Clinton said ‘Riding wild horses in Mongolia and climbing Mt. Kilimonjaro’ were two things on his Bucket List. When Hillary was asked what’s on her Bucket List, she said ‘C’mon…what do you think?'”

Then, Fallon had a Obama impersonator talking about ISIL, except pronouncing it more like”Icehole.” He said things like “They are too far gone. They are regular Iceholes.”He concluded by saying “Don’t be an Icehole.”

After that, Jimmy Fallon said: “I want to say congrats to Tyler Perry who is expecting his first child with his girlfriend. He is excited about being a father but more excited about being a grandmother.”

He added: “There is a dating site for people who love marijuana. It’s called 420 Singles. It’s one dating site where people don’t mind finding a ‘fattie.'”

John Cougar Mellencamp, 62, played with the band and sang Little Pink Houses. His new album is called  Plain Spoken. He said he has been doing FarmAid for 26 years.

“The legendary Robert Plant will be here tomorrow! But tonight, from The Lego Movie and Guardians of the Galaxy, Chris Pratt is here! Also, I read Gone Girl — it’s great! Rosamund Pike is the ‘gone girl’ in the movie. It’s freaky, it’s awesome.”

After mentioning the guests, Fallon did the hashtag called “My Weird Friend.” He said “Within 20 minutes it was a trending topic worldwide.”

Here are some: “I have a friend who looks up the good-looking women on Family Feud on Facebook.”

“My friend and I were playing the ‘Trust Fall’ game and she fell forward.”

“My friend orders two pizza for home delivery so no one will think she’s alone.”

“My friend got stuck in a baby swing so we had to call the fire department.”

“Trying to think what my weird friends are doing but then I realized I was the ‘weird friend.'”

“My first guest was the star of two of the biggest movies of the year, The Lego Movie and Guardians of the Galaxy, and this Saturday he hosts Saturday Night Live with musical guest, Ariana Grande, ladies and gentlemen, Chris Pratt!”

Fallon asked him about SNL and hosting it, and Chris said “It’s the first thing I go to on my DVR for the times I don’t see it live. I went into Loren Michaels’ office and saw all the stars going in and out and I immediately started sweating. I even had boob sweat.”

He talked about being in high school and ripping off skits from SNL. I would tell my friends “I don’t know what you’re talking about’ when they said they had seen the skits on SNL.”

Jimmy Fallon then showed a photo of Chris when he was 20 years old and Fallon asked him about it. “My friend told me I needed to have a ‘Head Shot,'” Chris told Fallon. “I knew that I needed one. so I was in the post office in West Hollywood and a guy told me ‘You look familiar. Have I ever shot you?’ The guy said his apartment was about 2 blocks away. He said ‘You probably need to take I shower, you’re a little messed up.’ He said the shirt I had on wouldn’t do, so he said ‘Wear my shirt.’ He gave me all of the film he took, and then I decided this photo would be the best one. that’s the photo that got me on the WB, that got me everywhere.”

“Those are great movies. You should go see them now.”

“And also Parks and Rec. You’re wrapping it up now?”

“Yeah, it’s really bitter sweet. It’s a lot like family because you can’t choose who you’re with. Sometimes you have to go to work with A-holes, but nobody on Parks and Rec is an A-hole.”

“Welcome back! We’re hanging out with Chris Pratt. We’re going to play Word Sneak with five words written on the cards and try to work them into our normal conversation.”

That is exactly what they both did. Some of the words and phrases were unusual, like “soul patch,” and “titmouse.” One person was “Norm from Cheers” and another one was “Patrick Ewing.” They did pretty good, working the five words into their rather unusual conversation. Chris said something about “using a Nordic Track because you didn’t want to look like someone like Norm from Cheers.” Fallon agreed, saying “No, you want to look like someone like Patrick Ewing.”


“From the movie Gone Girl, please welcome the very lovely Rosamund Pike, everybody!” Jimmy Fallon said. She is about two months pregnant with her second child, she told Jimmy.

“This role is killer, it’s so good! When I was reading the book, I thought I really wanted the movie to hold up, and it did. You are the ‘Gone Girl,'” Fallon told her.

She said that the filmed in North Scotland, and she had to join a gym just to have an Internet connection “I knew the gym would close at 9:30 p.m. I heard a knock on the door, and someone said ‘I’m terribly sorry, but we have to close now.'”

Rosamund said that they were in a part of Scotland that was difficult to get to and they had to wear head cover to stop the midges from swarming on them and biting them. “You have to wear something like fencing gear over your head,” she told Fallon.

Jimmy then showed a clip from Gone Girl. “Here’s you and Ben Affleck. You’re dating and just getting to know each other. Ladies and gentlemen, Gone Girls,” Jimmy Fallon said. Wow, it looks like it will be a fantastic movie!


When the Tonight Show returned from a commercial break, Jimmy Fallon introduced his musical guest, John Cougar Mellencamp singing the song Troubled Man off of Plain Spoken. In USA Today, Mellencamp said that the song was “20 years in gestation.” John proved he still definitely has it and he played his guitar as he sang this cool song. The fiddle player was extremely good, also. It seemed to be an almost “Unplugged” sort of song, without drums or electric guitars, just all-out acoustic. The audience was held spellbound by Mellencamp’s performance and erupted into applause when he finished singing.

The Tonight Show had some wonderful guests like Chris “Guardians of the Galaxy” Pratt and actress Rosamund Pike from the upcoming movie, Gone Girl, were Jimmy’s guests. Jimmy Fallon played Word Sneak with Chris Pratt. His musical guest, John Cougar Mellencamp, both sat in with The Roots and played the show out to commercial breaks, and he sang Troubled Man off of Plain Spoken at the end of the show. Tune in tomorrow to see Friday night’s show!

Written By Douglas Cobb

Jimmy Fallon and Chris Pratt Play ‘Word Sneak’

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