Jimmy Fallon Flips Lips With Sofia Vergara [Video]


On The Tonight Show  Jimmy Fallon’s guests were actress Sofia Vergara from Modern Family and his second guest was Megan Boone from The Blacklist. Also, Jimmy Fallon flipped lips with Vergara, doing a Lip Flip comedy bit with her like he did last week with comedian Billy Crystal. It was the first one he has ever done a bilingual Lip Flip. His musical guest was the group The Black Keys.

Jimmy Fallon said he had a “hot show” tonight. He opened the Tonight Show with his monologue, making jokes about people and events in the news. Some of the jokes he made were about people trying to break into the White House and how many people wonder why it was so easy for them to break into the White House, while President Barack Obama just wants to get out of it.

“From Reality TV’s Honey Boo Boo series,” Jimmy Fallon continued, “Mama June and Sugar Bear are splitting up. It’s over unintelligible differences.”

Then, Fallon mentioned a story that is a major one in the world of sports. “One of the biggest sports stories is about Derek Jeter’s final few games as a Yankee. Even the foul balls he hits are valuable.” Fallon showed a clip of a man trying to make such a catch and joked about it.

“Scientists say that dogs can be pessimistic,” Fallon said. “Toto said ‘Spoiler Alert: There is no man behind the curtain. Magic doesn’t exist.'”

“Over the weekend, people were lined up for hours and sometimes even days to get the new iPhone 6,” Fallon said, then showed a clip of a man in Australia being interviewed on TV, opening up the box and dropping the iPhone 6 onto the ground, where it broke.

“We have a fantastic show tonight. It’s always so much fun when she’s here — Sofia Vergara is here! From NBC’s hit drama, The Blacklist, Megan Boone is stopping by! And, The Black Keys are our musical guests –they will rock your socks off!”

Jimmy Fallon then introduced the Tonight Show house band, The Roots, who did the comedy/musical bit “Free-Styling With The Roots.” the first person from the audience that they sang about liked to jump into leaves, so The Roots sang a Gwen Stefani-inspired song about her and her love of jumping into leaves. It was pretty cool, Reggae-ish sounding.

The next person The Roots sang about said his favorite football team was the Chicago Bears, and he lived near Wrigley Field. He said if he could create his own football team, he would call them the Chicago Fallons. The Roots sang a pretty funny song about Adam, also, in the style of s school song or sports song.

The third person Fallon chose from the audience was a guy called Lindsey. Fallon asked him what he would say if he was a sports figure and about to retire. Lindsey gave a long statement, which Fallon did not hardly bother writing down. He asked him where he would prefer to live when he retires, and Lindsey said “”New York, New York.”

Fallon asked The Roots to sing the song about Lindsey in the style of U2, which they amazingly did. Jimmy and Lindsey danced to it while The Roots sang.

When the Tonight Show came back from a commercial break, Jimmy Fallon introduced his first guest of the show, “the lovely, the talented, Sofia Vergara!” The Roots played the song Gloria while she walked onto the stage. She was promoting her latest fragrance, named Sofia.

“I wanted the women to love it, but also for the men to life it,” Sofia said. She gave some of the perfume to Jimmy Fallon to take home to his wife. She said that “I wear the perfume like crazy. That’s the way I know if the man…or the woman…likes it.”

“This is insane! You have your own perfume,” Fallon said. “I don’t think as a kid, I would have ever thought about having my own perfume or cologne.”

“I don’t think you should,” Sofia said, but added “When you’re ready, maybe I can help you make your own.”

Wednesday is when the sixth season of Modern Family premieres, so Sofia talked about that with Jimmy Fallon, also. He talked with her about pictures taken on the set, in particular one in which Sofia was taking a nap and put a Kleenex over her face. As a joke, Julia Bowen put a Kleenex over her own face and had a selfie taken of her next to the sleeping Sofia Vergara.

The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon came back from the commercial break and Sofia said she wanted to be interviewed, like Billy Crystal was, with them both doing a Lip Flip. It was strange to see Fallon with lipstick on. Sofia had Jimmy Fallon speaking in Spanish. It was a pretty hilarious bit. They both sang a song, then, using each other’s lips — it is kind of difficult to describe, but the video is below, so check it out!


After more commercials, Jimmy Fallon welcomed actress Megan Boone of The Blacklist to the show. He told her “Thank you for stoppng by.”

“I did a little research on you. I heard that you grew up in a retirement community.”

“Yeah, in central Florida,” she said.

“What are the advantages of growing up in a retirement community?”

“I sort of became an expert in shuffleboard,” she answered.

“I have to thank you for The Blacklist” Fallon said, “because if your show does well, then my show does well, so it’s kind of selfish of me.”

Fallon tried to get information about the show out of Megan, saying “Everybody knows that you’re James Spader’s daughter –” but she cleared her throat and said she would not tell him any information. she did, however, reveal that actor and comedian Paul Reuben (Pew Wee Herman) would be a guest on the show. Jimmy Fallon then showed a video clip from next week’s episode, one that has not yet been seen before. It was action-packed and Megan was in a fight in the clip.


After yet more commercials, when the Tonight Show returned, Jimmy Fallon’s musical guest The Black Keys performed. Fallon said they are in the midst of their latest tour for the album, Turn Blue. The Black Keys, straight from the New Zealand leg of the band’s Turn Blue World Tour, cranked up the volume, rockin’ the place out. The lead singer, Dan Auerbach, wore a black leather jacket with zippers and played the electric guitar as he sang. It was a great song and a fantastic way to end the show.

Modern Family has won five Emmys so far, and actress Sofia Vergara is one of the major reasons why it has had such great success. She has a great sense of comedic timing and was pretty funny in the Lip Flip comedy bit that Jimmy Fallon has done in the past with other guests, like Billy Crystal. Then, from the hit series The Blacklist, Fallon’s second guest was the lovely actress Megan Boone. The Black Keys wrapped up a terrific Monday episode of The Tonight show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

Written By Douglas Cobb

Jimmy Fallon and Sofia Vergara Flip Lips video courtesy of NBC and the Tonight Show

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