Justin Bieber and David Hasselhoff Join for Video Venture

Justin Bieber and David Hasselhoff

Knight Rider star David Hasselhoff is obviously a sole crusader no longer because he apparently joined forces with Justin Bieber this week for a yet-to-be publicized video venture which also featured KITT, the car that talked which was also in Hasselhoff’s television series from the early 1980’s. The Baywatch alumnus, age 62, was seen inside the driver’s seat of his old black Pontiac Trans Am and wearing a leather jacket  just like his Knight Rider character Michael Knight did. He also had a pair of aviator sunglasses hanging from his lips.

Bieber, who was born in 1994, and so not even alive when Knight Rider was on the air the years of 1982 to 1986, was sitting next to Hasselhoff in KITT’s passenger side seat. There have been extremely few details released about the video, but Bieber sent out a tweet on Monday, Sept. 22, that stated it had been for his partnership with Australian singer Cody Simpson. He posted, “Coming soon. New music video. @CodySimpson @DavidHasselhoff,” on his Twitter account. So apparently that made Hasselhoff and Bieber some kind of new dynamic duo. They do seem to be an extremely unlikely pairing but both Bieber and Hasselhoff revealed they have been working together on the Canadian pop star’s newest music video.

However, for some reason, Hasselhoff decided to tweet about the video but then went and deleted his message about the shoot and the video. He stated that he and Justin had had a lot of fun and that Bieber was a cool guy. He added that the public would be hearing more about the video but for now they were keeping everything quiet due to the fact that the video was really cool and that everyone had a blast. However Hasselhoff later deleted what he had wrote for some reason. It must have been because the project was still considered top secret.

While there is very little know about the song that Justin and David were seen filming for the video in Venice Beach, both the singer and the actor were photographed while taking rides while inside the iconic KITT car that was in the television show from which Hasselhoff was the star. As was stated above, it is believed the video is for one of Bieber’s new songs, a cooperation he is doing with Cody Simpson. Apparently Hasselhoff just about spilled the beans because of what he tweeted. It was soon deleted. He had put up details about the shoot and they did not stay up long.

The media caught Hasselhoff a day after he had been seen filming with Bieber in Venice Beach. He was asked if he had any specific advice to give to his young costar. Hasselhoff stated that everyone is young once in their lives but that is it. He said to make sure to live it up while the person is young. However, he added that the individual would end up paying a price later on in life but again he or she was only young once so be sure to live it up and not to care what anyone else thought or said. Hasselhoff seems to have taken his own advice because he was seen with Bieber and appeared to be enjoying himself.

By Kimberly Ruble


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