Justin Bieber Arrested After Allegedly Assaulting Paparazzi in Canada

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Pop singer Justin Bieber was reportedly arrested for dangerous driving and assault after he collided with a minivan containing paparazzi in Canada. Bieber was driving an ATV with his girlfriend, Selena Gomez, when the singer’s vehicle crashed with a minivan. Bieber then got into an altercation with the other driver and was subsequently arrested.

The incident occurred in southwestern Ontario near the pop star’s hometown of Stratford. Ontario Provincial officers said the confrontation happened on Friday afternoon and that Bieber was released on a promise to appear in court on September 29.

Ontario Police Constable Kees Wijnands reported that no injuries were suffered due to the crash, but was unsure whether there were any physical abrasions on either party as a result of the dispute. According to local media, Bieber and Gomez had been alternating turns driving the vehicle while the other person sat in the back.

Bieber’s lawyer, Brian Greenspan, provided a statement saying that the couple was on a quiet getaway in Stratford over the weekend which was disrupted by the uninvited presence of the paparazzi. He added, they hope the matter will be resolved quickly.

The vocalist tweeted about the incident with the paparazzi stating laws should be enforced to prevent what he just went through from occurring. He added, the media should have learned something from the death of Princess Diana. Bieber stated he does not have an issue with paparazzi but “when they act recklessly, they put us all in danger.” Bieber’s arrest after allegedly assaulting the paparazzi in Canada just adds to the string of unfortunate run-ins with the law that the singer has had recently.

Bieber pleaded guilty earlier this month to misdemeanor charges of resisting arrest and careless driving just seven months after he was arrested in Miami Beach for illegal drag racing. The pop star was also charged in Toronto with assaulting a limo driver in December. Police claim Bieber punched a limousine driver several times in the back of the head after he and a group of people were picked up in the early morning of December 30. His lawyers contest that he is not guilty in that case. Bieber is expected to appear in court next Monday to dispute the charge.

In Miami, a photographer filed a lawsuit against Bieber alleging he was physically attacked while taking pictures of the singer outside of a recording studio. In July, Bieber was sentenced to two years of probation in Los Angeles for egging his neighbor’s house. After the episode, he was ordered to join an anger management program, perform community service and pay the owners of the property over $80,000 in repairs.

Bieber shot to the top of the charts at age 15 with his hit single, One Time, which certified platinum in Canada after it was released in 2009. His debut album, My World, matched that success, selling over 137,000 copies within its first week. Bieber’s most recent compilation album, Journals, was released in 2013 and considered one the biggest commercial flops of that year. The album did not even chart on the Billboard 200 due to its first week of sales going unreported.

Bieber was arrested on Friday after a collision occurred which resulted in him allegedly assaulting paparazzi in Canada. The singer was staying in Stratford over the past weekend with Gomez.

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