Justin Bieber Perforates Ear Drum Cliff Diving


Justin Bieber perforated his ear drum in a cliff diving accident and he might need to have surgery done to repair the damage. Bieber, 20, might need to go under the knife after he landed awkwardly in the water below. Jumping off of cliffs into water, as Bieber did, is known as tombstoning, according to an article in The Times of India.

He tweeted on Wednesday that he will not let a “busted up ear drum” prevent his continued output of music, though a doctor he went to said the Biebster might need to have surgery performed. In the tweet, Bieber wrote that he would be “still bringing you this new music,” though it might be delayed a little bit and he jokingly added “Damn u cliff diving!”

Justin Bieber should be fine, despite this minor setback. Still, his fans began a hashtag, which is now trending, wishing Justin to get better. It is called #FeelBetterJustin.

The Canadian singer has been cliff diving for several years and it is not the first time he has gotten injured while pursuing this sport, but it is the first time Justin Bieber has ever gotten a perforated ear drum due to his love of this potentially dangerous activity. Fortunately for the legions of Beliebers out there, Justin’s ear for music should be back to normal not long after the operation to repair the damaged tissue of his ear drum. Even now, Bieber is continuing working on new music for an upcoming album.

Not only that, but Justin Bieber is working on a new movie, a comedy based on the David Hasselhoof TV series Knight Rider. He is acting opposite Hasselhoff — well, adding his vocal talents to the film, at any rate, as he is doing the voice of Hasselhoff’s Trans Am, KIT.

The movie has the working title of Killing Hasselhoff. Other stars in the cast will include Jim Jefferies and comedian Jon Lovitz. The plot, about a man who wants to win a “celebrity death pool,” involves the man hiring someone to kill Hasselhoff’s character.

According to a an anesthesiologist at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco, California who spoke in an interview with HollywoodLife.com, Dr. Barry M. Rose M.D., if Justin Bieber’s ear drum, or tympanic membrane was ruptured, he would have an operation known as a tympanoplasty. In this procedure, the perforated tympanic membrane would have the perforation, or hole, sealed with “a piece of tissue.”

The surgery is a relatively simple or “superficial” one to perform, Dr. Rose stated. However, there are always a list of things that could, potentially, go wrong, as sadly happened most recently with comedian and fashion analyst, Joan Rivers. The surgery is considered to be outpatient surgery, with “99.94+ of the time” everything going well with there being no resultant “long term effects,” as Dr. Rose put it.

Still, whenever Justin Bieber has the surgery to have his perforated ear drum repaired, his fans around the world will doubtless worry and wonder if he will make it through the operation okay. Despite Bieber’s sometimes wild and reckless behavior, he has donated a lot of money to various charities and he is well-loved by his millions of fans.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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