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Kroger made a major announcement on Friday to inform people that their latest plan is to add 20,000 jobs by October. The grocer released a statement on Friday that it will be looking to fill permanent positions throughout the company. Just in the last six years the Kroger Company has added 40,000 permanent positions. With the addition of the 20,000 new jobs by October it will bring the company’s total number of workers up to around 395,000. Those 395,000 workers will be spread across 34 states and the District of Columbia.

The news of the massive hiring efforts comes on the same day that the Labor Department issued a report indicating that in the month of August job creation growth actually decreased. While unemployment rates had dropped slightly during the month, many have been concerned about the overall economic health of the labor force. So while the national job growth potential is looking slow-moving, Kroger’s is giving people a new opportunity to work by adding new job opportunities across multiple states.

As the one of the nation’s leading supermarket companies the business has been continually expanding. Much of the growth comes from acquiring other businesses. Kroger is the owner of not only supermarkets but also convenience stores and gas stations. As their growth continues, the company will need to add jobs. With not only the company’s projected growth but their current need for people to fill holes, the company needs 20,000 roles to be occupied.

With analysts on Wall Street making predictions for The Kroger Company to make a $1.6 billion estimated profit for the current year, growth is inevitable. Not only is Kroger predicted to make a higher profit this year than last year but their share prices are also on the rise. Shares for Kroger are currently up 30 percent for the year. Kroger is taking advantage of what they see as an elevated level of consumer confidence to add more jobs and continue to build their business.

The addition of more jobs to the market is definitely needed after the news from the Labor Department. A large number of unemployed individuals and many other people unhappy with their current rate of pay offers many a dismal look at the current economy. While some businesses are not hiring new employees and current employees struggle to get a raise, Kroger is doing a great service for the work force. By offering so many jobs over a number of states, it helps to promote making the effort to get back into the workforce. The Kroger job hiring plan should help stimulate some form of growth for the employment rate.

Coming off of the sluggish month of August in terms of job growth, the news from Kroger is impressive. By adding more jobs, Kroger is heading in the right direction for continued growth and expansion. While this is not the first hiring push the company has had it is definitely one of the largest. This growth within the company clearly showcases a company that continues to grow and expand where other companies have been unable. Kroger is asking people to look on their website or to go in to local stores to apply.

By Kimberley Spinney


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