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The Cotswolds

For anyone who fancies cozy log cabins overlooking expanses of water, lakeside vacations in The Cotswolds of England cannot be beaten. With islands and coves to explore on the lake, and so much more to do, this is a relaxing experience indeed to escape the daily pressures of life.

Guardian Liberty Voice reported recently on The Cotswolds, a beautiful and scenic region in the U.K. which was officially made an “Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty” back in 1966. From the Cotswolds Hills in south central England through lovely meadows, down an escarpment named the Cotswold Edge, the area covers several English counties and is also home to a number of attractive bodies of water.

The Cotswolds
Bullrushes overlooking the water in the Cotswold Water Park

One of these areas is called the Cotswold Water Park, and while that might sound like one of those fun theme parks, this is actually the largest marl lake system in the U.K. To be a little more technical, “marl” is actually a type of lime-rich mud or calcium carbonate composed of different amounts of clays and silt.

The lakes were actually formed by around 50 years of extraction of the glacial Jurassic limestone gravel in the area, which filled naturally with water after work stopped in the 1970s.

The Cotswold Water Park is an important area for wildlife, including the wintering and breeding of various species of bird. The area is now well protected and offers a wide range of recreational activities for visitors, including sailing, fishing and birding.

There are, in total, 147 lakes in the area, all varying in size, all surrounded by beautiful scenery, some with beaches and many with boating and water sports facilities available, making this area of The Cotswolds perfect for lakeside vacations in England.

The Cotswolds
Log cabin with a hot tub right on the water

There are several types of accommodation available in the many small towns throughout the area including small hotels and bed & breakfasts, but a really special way to stay is a range of beautiful log cabins, right on the waterfront.

With their own private decks and the occasional hot tub, this is not a case of roughing it, as the cabins are well equipped, extremely comfortable and with every possible modern convenience.

The Cotswolds
Great Crested Grebe in the Cotswold Water Park

The surrounding area has even more to do, besides fishing. In Bourton on the Water, Birdland Park and Gardens offers 500 different birds including King Penguins and Flamingos. The Cotswold Wildlife Park and Gardens around 2 miles from Burford offers 260 different animal species and is the biggest, privately owned, zoological collection in the United Kingdom.

Set in 160 acres the gardens and landscape parklands offer a range of fascinating creatures, including meerkats, prairie dogs, squirrel monkeys, lemurs and so much more. There are also indoor exhibits including the amusingly named Bat Belfry, the Children’s Farmyard which offers a petting zoo and Reptile House.

Again in Bourton on the Water, something for the boys (of all ages) is the Cotswold Motoring Museum and Toy Collection, offering vintage and classic cars and motorcycles and all sorts of motoring curiosities. To use the well-worn cliché, there is something for everyone in the remarkable Cotswolds of the English countryside, which offers some great lakeside vacations.

By Anne Sewell


Cotswold Water Park

Cotswold Wildlife Park & Gardens

Cotswold Country Park and Beach

Photo credits:

Cotswold Water Park photo  CC-by-SA Brian Robert Marshall
Great Crested Grebe photo CC-by-SA Steve Garvie
Log Cabin images courtesy Log House Holidays


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