‘Metal Gear Solid V – The Phantom Pain’ Releases Jungle Footage [Video]

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Metal Gear Solid V – The Phantom Pain appeared at the Tokyo Game Show with creator Hideo Kojima to show off brand new jungle footage and a new character. The mysterious “sexy sniper,” Quiet, was shown with Snake on a mission through a dense jungle during a demo presentation. Other customizable pieces were shown, adding to this game’s already impressive array while more possibilities were given from this tale of Big Boss. Before the presentation ended, a release window was also announced for The Phantom Pain, allowing those excited for the title to build anticipation further.

The mission itself was preceded by a new, short trailer that introduces Quiet, the sniper that never speaks, into Mother Base. She toys with the common soldiers and Ocelot for a bit before being captured, and the fact that she saved Big Boss’ life sometime earlier in the game comes to light. Big Boss then saves her in turn and has her taken away to a cell as Miller protests that she already knows too much and could escape at any time. Snake assures his friend that should the time come, he would kill her himself.

After that trailer, footage of a jungle level for Metal Gear Solid V – The Phantom Pain comes to the screen. Though it is strictly in Japanese for now, the action speaks for itself. The horse that helped Snake though his Afghanistan mission is immediately sent away as the jungle setting is too rough for the beast to traverse. Instead, Quiet is brought in as support after Boss grabs his new outfit from a cardboard box. With her, team work is needed as Snake has the option of telling her where to go, who to shoot, when not to shoot and so forth in what is called the buddy system. These options are said to expand as the two “bond,” giving them more tandem actions to spring on enemies. The maneuver that seemed most complex between them involves her shooting a grenade in mid-air that Boss had tossed.

Between all of these explosive moments, there was plenty to add to the movement abilities and jungle repertoire of Big Boss. This isn’t his first mission in the jungle, as fans of Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater will remember, and there are several playful references to that tale in the presentation. Adding rock climbing as a new ability, he will traverse along cracks in the rock front, which is made all the easier by his prosthetic hand and more difficult by his human one. That metallic hand will be interchangeable according to Kojima, this demo’s version able to deliver a 1.2 million watt jolt to enemies on command. The last example simply had a lighter in the right thumb and was a different color.

Metal Gear Solid V – The Phantom Pain was also given a release window in the midst of the jungle footage on screen. Through translation, Kojima said that the game is “on track,” for a 2015 release across all promised platforms. Those platforms are Playstation 4, Xbox One, PC, Playstation 3 and Xbox 360, although there was no mention of a staggered release for these versions or if all would be released the same day. Rumors have begun to spread, thanks to a message from Konami’s own site, that has the game releasing in March of 2015, and there is nothing in this Metal Gear Solid V presentation to discount that possibility.

By Myles Gann


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