Miss America Defends Her Plastic Red Cup Talent

Miss America Defends Her Plastic Red Cup Talent

The newest Miss America defends her plastic red cup talent and also tells everyone that there are many more vital things for them to be worried about than her pageant act with the cup. At least that was the message Kira Kazantsev of New York was declaring while numerous users of social media continued to berate her usage of the item through her part of the talent portion of Sunday night’s pageant in Atlantic City.

Kazantsev spoke to several different media sources and stated that she understood that everything she would be doing now would be analyzed and talked about but she declared that she performed Happy by Pharrell Williams, while she tapped the cup on the floor due to the fact that was what she wanted to do, no matter what anybody else had to think.

She told the media that there were so very many vital issues taking place in the world and still people were upset that she had used a plastic cup in her act. She spoke after she had taken the customary dip in the Atlantic City waves Monday morning. She added that because she was Miss America now, she realized that everything she would do would be dissected and she understood that. It was part of the job. She also added that by using the plastic cup, she wanted the people watching to know that it was just showing that was a part of who she is. She stated she wanted to come across and show herself in that light.

Kazantsev’s pageant foundations included preventing domestic violence and eliminating sexual assaults in the military. The graduate from Hofstra University plans to go to law school on the $50,000 scholarship which she won in the contest.

The new Miss America explained that she got her red plastic cup idea from a movie entitled Pitch Perfect which came out in 2012. It was about a character played by Anna Kendrick auditioning for a musical group and she performed for them by using a plastic cup.

This has been the second straight year that users of social media sites have let loose a storm of disapproving messages toward the freshly crowned Miss America. Last year, instantly after Nina Davuluri was given the title of the first Indian-American to wear the crown, a few online individuals focused racist hecklings toward her.

While she sat in the morning sun on Monday on the beach in Atlantic City, Kazantsev recorded several different video promotions where she asked her fans to follow her on various social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. However it seems that these media sites still continue to have a large number of users who are disappointed in the way Kazantsev presented her material of choice in the talent part of the competition. The new Miss America does not seem to be particularly bothered with the reaction that is online about her routine.

Kazantsev admitted that her talent act was indeed unconventional but there were times when people just are not as open to change as others want them to be. She added that her act was something that was different and she hopes that people will start to look at it as a positive thing. If they are able to that and also be pleased with what she did, she feels that is all she can ask for. In the meantime the newest Miss America will continue to defend her plastic red cup talent.

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