Oklahoma Beheading Suspect to Be Charged in Court on Monday

Oklahoma Beheading Suspect

Alton Nolen is scheduled to be charged on Monday, stated Oklahoma law enforcement. However, no evidence has been discovered that suggests the suspect who is allegedly believed to have beheaded a co-worker in Moore, has any type of official connections with terrorist groups such as the Islamic State if Iraq and Syria (ISIS). Yet, there is little suspicion that Nolen has deep sympathies toward radical Muslim groups due to personal Facebook postings of incoherent Islamist praising, Osama bin Laden photographs and putting up a picture of another beheading.

The attack he performed last week has Americans wondering if Nolen was some sort of lone Muslim terrorist or an act of revenge performed by an angry fired employee? The answer may exist in some sort of gray area between those two different areas of actualities and elevate questions as to what terrorism really is. This circumstance echoes the uncertainty that surrounds what happened at Foot Hood back in 2009 when Nidal Hasan, who was an Army psychiatrist and had become cynical with all the American wars happening in Afghanistan and Iraq, began shooting other soldiers as they were starting to deploy. He ended up murdering 13 individuals. The Obama administration categorized the killings as being violence in the workplace, although numerous others stated it was actual terrorism.

The motivations behind the attack in Oklahoma may become clearer in the upcoming days as Oklahoma State Police and the FBI begin to interview Nolen. However, the attack in Moore and the one in Ft. Hood do seem to have differences such as Hasan’s attack was definitely premeditated and wanted to supposedly show cohesion with the cause of terrorists abroad, Hasan explained at his court-martial. He showed up at the soldier’s processing center carrying a semiautomatic weapon he had taken to a shooting range in his pre-planning. Eyewitnesses stated that in numerous cases, he disregarded civilians in order to specifically go after individuals who were in uniform.

In contrast, initial reports coming from Oklahoma state Nolen as being a man who showed spur-of-the-moment rage. The attack occurred soon after the suspect found out he had been fired from his job at the Vaughan Foods processing plant. His choice of victims, which were two women of middle age, seemed to be completely random.

However, local law enforcement have requested the FBI to investigate the claims that the suspect was attempting to  convert his co-workers to Islam. It was also reported that on his Facebook page that he published items under the pseudonym Jah’Keem Yisrael, and that they said the Statue of Liberty was going down in flames and so was anyone who was with her.

Police investigators stated Nolen stabbed and then beheaded the first woman before he also stabbed the second. He was then shot by company CEO, Mark Vaughan, who is also a reserve deputy sheriff with the Oklahoma County Sheriff’s department.

It has been in just recent months that ISIS has received worldwide attention due to the fact of them releasing videos where they have beheaded Western captives. Polls taken show Americans have been extremely bothered by the videos. The pictures have been a top factor in rising fear of terrorist attacks in a post-9/11  world to all-time highs, notes several different media sources.

Many Americans, who are troubled about ISIS, feel like the act that happened in Oklahoma is an intended strike at United States society itself even if there has been no evidence discovered so far that links Nolen to any terrorist groups such as ISIS. Regardless, the suspect will  be charged  in court come Monday.

By Kimberly Ruble


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