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For their final press conference before the Tokyo Game Show, Sony bared out a lot of details concerning their flagship Playstation 4 system. Sony hosted a lengthy conference earlier today in Japan to reveal a number of new additions to both the software and hardware libraries. A great deal of their details focused on release dates for some of their titles, giving fans a bit of clarity that many said the company lacked at conferences earlier this year. The hardware-related announcements came in both big and small ways, and among all the news were tidbits of information that may lead to more game announcements before the year is done.

Among the waves of new details was the announcement that the system itself will be receiving a specific update later this month. Sony announced their plan to include theme support within the upcoming 2.0 firmware update, meaning users will be allowed to change the backgrounds and avatars to match a certain theme. This will only be a small part of that patch as many other sections, most revealed at Gamescom last month, will be configured in as well. Among those parts is the Share Play functionality, which allows a player to come into a co-op session without owning the game for up to one hour, and the ability to directly upload videos to YouTube.

Playstation 4, still leading all other home platforms in sales, bared plenty of release dates at the Sony press conference as well. Among the most anticipated is From Software’s Bloodborne, a spiritual successor to Demons Souls and Dark Souls that will be gracing consoles Feb. 15, 2015. Another anticipated announced title is Persona 5 that will now be launching simultaneously on Playstation 4 and its predecessor sometime in 2015. Persona was originally coming this year only to Sony’s last-generation console, but that was changed for simultaneous releases purposes. The Bloodborne date is for the Japan release while the Persona 5 release window is the same for North America.

Sony continued their parade of games by showing off a new title in conjuncture with Square Enix. Dragon Quest Heroes, a new game based off the previous Dragon Quest entries, will be a fighting variation of the series to be released in 2015. While the previous Dragon Quest games have been mostly role-playing experiences, this entry will come from a Tecmo Koei affiliate famous for their work with Dynasty Warriors and is billed as an “action” title.

News not regarding release dates was also shared at the press conference, and bares how popular some Playstation 4 “risks” have become. Hideo Kojima and Guillermo Del Toro’s P.T. (Playable Teaser) was revealed to have been downloaded over 1 million times on that console alone. The teaser is a complex web of jump scares and isolation that has befuddled gamers with numerous obstacles that seem random within a changing setting. There is also evidence that suggests Beyond: Two Souls will be remade into a current-generation port. The latest round of evidence comes from a trophy list that appeared online briefly while a Playstation 4 version of the game appeared on German retailer sites months ago, both lending credibility to the title’s eventual migration. The Tokyo Game Show, which could reveal more information about Beyond and other games, takes place from Sept. 18 through Sept. 21.

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