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Ranking Video Not Just for MTV



As more business continues to occur in the online setting, entrepreneurs and businesspeople are increasingly concerned with the best way to get their website noticed. Many business owners have settled on video as a way to get noticed. When using video to attract attention to a business website, business owners can take various actions to make sure that the video is maximizing its presence on their site.

Search engine optimization (SEO) has become one of the most important parts of doing business today. Making sure that a business’ website is at the beginning of a web search can make or break a business. Website visibility is a key to a business’ success. For example, if a customer is going to google “pizza delivery baltimore,” someone who owns a pizza business that delivers in Baltimore is going to want their website at the beginning of a search. Google uses certain algorithms to help refine searches and deliver to consumers the best results for their searches. Google looks for website components like pictures, lack of spelling mistakes, links to other, credible sites, and, of course, video.

One of the things that Google looks for is the amount of time a person will spend on a website. At its most basic, a video can keep customers on a site longer, doing more for a business’ website. But there are more factors concerning videos that will benefit a business’ Google results. If a video answers questions about a product or business, the website’s Google rankings will improve. Titling the video is also important, as well as the tags given to the description.

Using YouTube for hosting is also a factor Google looks for. That means that YouTube ranking becomes an issue. By writing long descriptions of the video, YouTube will be able to determine more of what the video is, and rank it better internally. Business owners should pay attention to what keywords attract Google results and tailor their videos for those. The specifics of the video also contribute to how Google will rank the page. Google looks at factors like how the video is coded, or how the number of pixels in the thumbnail provides representation of the video.

Beyond affecting Google rankings, video can also positively impact customer retention. Studies have shown that nearly 75 percent of customers will buy a product or service after watching a video on a website. However, if the video does not look good, that percentage lowers. High quality videos have the best chance of grabbing a consumer’s attention and enticing them to spend their money. Demonstrating a product’s uses, or, for the hypothetical pizza owner above, what their Meat Lover’s pie looks like, can grab a consumer and convince them that this product or pizza is right for them.

Ignoring the digital marketplace can be disastrous for a business. By taking an active part in their business’ online presence, a business owner can control what that presence is. Video, which has become an easy tool to use, can be one of the keys to making the most out of that presence.

By Bryan Levy

Photo Courtesy of Shane Pope – Creativecommons
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