Robin Thicke Admits to Drug and Alcohol Abuse

Robin Thicke

Robin Thicke has admitted to drug and alcohol abuse in a recent deposition. He, and other music producers, are currently locked in a legal battle with Marvin Gaye’s children. Gaye’s children accuse the team of using their father’s copyrighted music. However, nobody expected to hear the full truth about the whole of 2013 for the singer.

During the deposition, he admitted that Blurred Lines was written by Pharrell Williams. He decided he wanted a part in it because it was the biggest track of his career. He had written the songs on his previous albums. Thicke went on to admit that during the recording on the track, he was high and drunk.

In fact, every interview that he did in 2013 involved him high or drunk. The singer admitted that he would take vicodin every morning, and would then drink vodka in a water bottle before and during each interview or appearance he had to make. Most interviews are now a blur, and he barely knew what he was saying; much of which was all lies.

The singer went on to claim that it was his drug and alcohol problem that led to his split from wife Paula Patton. The two separated at the start of the year, despite the fact that the singer clearly wanting to make it work. It appears that he finally told her the truth and she was not willing to stand by him afterwards.

Thicke admitted that he was abusing drugs and alcohol during the recording of Blurred Lines and it affected his ability to work on the hit song. It also seems to have clouded his judgment on the amount of input he had. He admitted to wanting the credit for the track, and he convinced himself that he had a bigger input than he really did. Williams does not seem to mind about this.

In fact, Williams went on record to say that it was the singer’s voice that made the song the hit; not his composition and beat skills. It was the fact that a white man was singing soulfully, and that is not something that happens enough in music. This led to the mainstream music scene accepting the hit, making it do much better than any of Thicke’s previous tracks. It was something that everyone involved was excited about.

Why did everyone lie? The singer claims that it was due to his alcohol and drug problem. He was never sober for an interview, and it led to him saying things that were not true. He also does not remember saying most it, and was surprised when he read some of the interview back.

His previous claim that the track started because Thicke claimed to love Gaye’s Got to Give It Up was not true. Williams did not create the beat from a conversation that the two had.

He is reportedly now sober, and has been for the last two months. After his wife left him, he realized that he needed to do something. However, it has only been during the deposition that Thicke admitted to abusing drugs and alcohol.

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