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‘Scorpion’ True Tales Robert Patrick and High IQs



Starting on September 22 CBS is bringing Scorpion into the homes of viewers across the country, starring Robert Patrick, the show is all about true tales of high IQs and super geniuses that are not out to take over the world but to save it. The show is based upon the real life “exploits” of Walter O’Brien who has an IQ of 190 which is, according to the program’s publicity, even higher than Albert Einstein’s. O’Brien is a computer genius who hacked into NASA’s secure system at the age of 12.

By the time this child prodigy was 13 years old he had his own business and right now, this 39 year-old computer systems security expert is the the international guru, leader and owner of Scorpion Computer Services. All this means that the new television series starting on Monday, could be seen as a very clever advertisement for the man and his company.

Apparently, this show will be a combination of CSI and Sneakers – a 1992 Robert Redford film with Sidney Poitier, Dan Aykroyd and the late River Phoenix. Nick Santora, the man who created the new CBS show describes O’Brien as the man who saved the world many times over and cannot tell anyone about it.

That has obviously changed somewhat and Scorpion will feature a mix of true tales of high IQ geniuses saving the world under the steady hand of Robert Patrick’s character. According to producers of the show, Walter was the man who caught the Boston bombers by creating an algorithm that used cameras that were in a two mile radius of the incident. O’Brien also is responsible for heading off nuclear meltdowns of the literal sort.

Patrick plays the federal agent who “guides” this socially inept group of hackers who use their broad ranging expertise to perform amazing feats that help fend off disasters. Rather amazingly the same team that created the popular show Prison Break are also bringing Scorpion to television screens. While the shows are not similar it is to be hoped that lessons learned on the former program will benefit the new computer oriented action show.

This new program could be seen as one long season of commercialization for Walter O’Brien’s security firm, which does indeed have the same name as the show. If this is the case, then the computer genius will stand to make a profit from the “retelling” of his real life exploits. Although it will be hard, at least according to O’Brien, to tell the fictionalized portions of the “based on a true story” show from the real ones.

Walter has gone on record saying that some of the more unbelievable bits on the show will most likely be what really happened. If one considers that the old saying of truth is stranger than fiction is true, then what O’Brien has said will be pretty close to the mark, although he will not be allowed to formally say which parts of the show are “real.”

Robert Patrick has stated that he is very pleased to be doing this show based on the true tales of O’Brien and his high IQ team of social inepts. The former T1000 from T2 has a long history on film of playing law enforcement types and he will lend a certain gravitas to the show. Scorpion premieres on CBS September 22.

By Michael Smith