Shia LaBeouf Pleads Guilty to Disorderly Conduct, Is Managing Alcoholism

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Transformers star Shia LaBeouf pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct on Wednesday for charges that stemmed from his causing a heated disturbance during a performance of the Broadway presentation of Cabaret at Studio 54. Since then, the actor has been managing and receiving treatment for his alcoholism and has been working towards recovery.

The incident occurred when LaBeouf reportedly stood up during the middle of the performance and began yelling at the actors. He was asked to leave by security, which fueled LaBeouf’s anger even more. He began yelling profanities at a security guard, stating, “Do you know who the (blank) I am?”

According to Assistant District Attorney Alyssa Russell, LaBeouf was charged with creating an unreasonable amount of noise and using vulgar language outside of the venue, refusing to leave a theatrical presentation when asked, and for spitting on a police officer at the Midtown North police grounds.

Furthermore, two people who attended Cabaret reported that LaBeouf was chasing after a man who appeared to be homeless outside the theater. They also said that they witnessed the actor stumble inside the venue and in the bar, and that he fed a woman a strawberry from her own plate. Police added that LaBeouf was smoking inside of the theater and refused to stop.

LaBeouf understands that his recent inappropriate actions are symptoms of a larger health problem. This has led him to take the necessary steps to manage his alcoholism and to cope with his addiction, stated Melissa Kates, the actor’s representative. After pleading guilty to disorderly conduct, LaBeouf is also required by the courts to receive therapy at The Hills Treatment Center in Los Angeles, a facility for individuals suffering from alcohol and/or drug addiction.

In addition, if LaBeouf can remain out of trouble for six months, he can withdraw his guilty plea and the case will be dismissed. If he does not agree to the terms set by the courts, LaBeouf could face up to 15 days in jail.

Robert Gage, LaBeouf’s attorney, mentioned that they appreciate that the district attorney’s office was able to resolve the matter with care and consideration. When the lawyer was asked if the Transformers star regretted his actions, he just stated that he was grateful for everyone’s courtesy and declined to comment further.

LaBeouf is scheduled to return to court on November 12, and is expected to bring with him a letter from the rehab facility to confirm that he has been treated.

LaBeouf has received negative attention a lot lately over the past year. In January, he apologized for plagiarizing the storyline and dialogue for a short film from a novel writer. Later in February, LaBeouf walked out of a news conference discussing the movie Nymphomaniac Volume I. And at the movie’s premiere, the actor attended the red carpet event with a paper bag over his head which read, “I am not famous anymore.”

Shia LaBeouf pleaded guilty to disorderly conduct for his disruptive behavior at a Cabaret performance and has since been managing his struggle with alcoholism. The actor has quite a ways to go towards a full recovery, but has been making the right steps in turning his life around.

By Amy Nelson


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