Sleepy Hollow: Catching Up and John Noble as Villain (Recap/Preview)

Sleepy Hollow Catching Up and John Noble as Villain

Sleepy Hollow Catching Up and John Noble as Villain

FOX brings Sleepy Hollow back to televisions on September 22 which means that a spot of catching up is in order as is remembering that the delightful John Noble as villain outside the world of Fringe is still a shock. Of course the actor did play different versions of himself in the 2008-2013 science fiction/mystery series just because of the duality of the verse the show was set in. It was still surprising though to see Noble as a baddie.

In the season one finale of Sleepy Hollow, right up until Ichabod and Abbie open the gateway between worlds Noble’s Henry Parish seems like one of the good guys. However, as the two start to enter the gateway, which resembles a long hallway with a light at the end, Parish looks sad and reflective but not yet villainous. In case the audience has forgotten, Abbie and Ichabod must pass a number of tests once they enter the hallway/gateway. After focusing on Henry’s contemplative look there is a commercial break. Upon returning, the scene in the woods has been replaced with Abbie waking up with a bandage on her head inside a cottage.

She hears music and then discovers that two characters who are definitely dead, Sheriff August Corbin (Clancy Brown) and colleague Andy Brooks (John Cho) are both alive and well in the same place. Abbie questions why they are both there and tells the men that they are dead. Corbin makes a joke about her declaration, “Why doesn’t anybody tell me these things.” Abbie asks about Crane and the two men tell her that she had an accident at a Quantico live-fire training exercise and that she should take it easy.

As Abbie hugs Corbin, saying that she misses him so much, she recalls that there is something she is supposed to remember. The scene then shifts to Ichabod Crane meeting his father and discovering that England did not lose the war. In both scenes there is a theme of joyful reunion with loved ones. Both Crane and Abbie realise that their scenarios are not real and as a result are ejected from the places they found themselves after entering the gateway.

The next scene in Sleepy Hollow sees Jenny listening to Sheriff Corbin’s taped run-through of evidence which leads her to find “Trinity” Church. Ichabod wakes up in a cemetery surrounded by horrific visions and he finds Abbie laying face down on the ground. The two do a little catching up and they enter the church to find Katrina Crane, whom Ichabod wants to save from the realm. John Noble’s character Henry Parish is no where to be seen during this trip and is therefor not yet fulfilling the role of villain.

Abbie agrees to stay behind so that Katrina can escape. The two speak the incantation that opens the gateway and they both flee the realm leaving Abbie behind. Parish finally meets Katrina and all three head northeast. Jenny reaches the church as Henry, Ichabod and Katrina find the four trees in the prophecy. Abbie’s sister finds the information that she and Crane need and as she attempts to tell her via cell phone the headless horseman shoots her vehicle making it crash.

Lt. Mills runs into her 12 year-old self who explains what Malloc did to her and her sister that day in the woods. The eclipse is almost complete and Katrina fears that the second horseman will not appear. Abbie’s younger self shows her who Henry Parish is and it turns out that he is Ichabod and Katrina’s son. Parish is the second horseman.

As Ichabod’s son reveals the intricacies of past events, Abbie finds that she is trapped in a dollhouse in the woods. Katrina is taken by the headless horseman and Jeremy Crane (Parish) traps his father in the ground and states that war is not coming to Sleepy Hollow it has been there all along. Rewatching the season one finale as a form of catching up before the second season premiere may help remind viewers of just how the show ended with John Noble as villain and how the “good guys” were in a whole world of trouble. Sleepy Hollow season two airs September 22 on FOX.

By Michael Smith