The Lottery: St Michael (Review and Recap)


The Lottery: St Michael (Review and Recap)

Lifetime’s The Lottery with this week’s episode, titled St. Michael, follows Vanessa in her attempts to prove that Darius Hayes is involved in nefarious dealings, that include orchestrating the Chinese terrorist plot that got several government officials assassinated and much more. This episode takes a closer look at the lottery process itself and how even reality television is not exempt from the governmental spin machine and external influences.

Kyle Walker decides to join the “domestic terrorist” group MayTwos to see if he can get Elvis back and when Dr. Lennon chides him for it, he tells the scientist that it will be a mutual “using” thing, with the implication that they are also mutually using each other.

The president tries to out maneuver Hayes and the vice president tells him that he “can handle” Darius. Vanessa sets up a new accomplice to follow Hayes and when Kyle meets the head of the anti-government group, he still has questions.

When Walker meets the head of the MayTwos he asks what their real agenda is and reminds the leader that he is there primarily to get his son back. After being assured that the organization has moles in the area where Elvis is being held, Kyle tells the head of the group that if he can get a picture of his son wearing one of his old masks that he will do whatever the organization wants.

Darius pushes the new head of security Ted Thompson to give up plans and he refuses. After explaining to Vice President Melrose that he has his own security team and that he, the head of presidential security, does not work for the second in command, Melrose takes it badly. In this week’s episode of The Lottery: St. Michael, the true depths of Hayes’ subterfuge is revealed.

Vanessa reveals to Darius that after the winners of the lottery are impregnated that they will be released to go home by order of the president. Dr. Lennon and James continue to track down just how the fertility crisis began and their source, Dr. Kessler slams the door on them. While speaking to his daughter, Darius gets a call from a co-conspirator and when he ends the conversation Rose has disappeared.

The first lady has a private meeting with lottery hopeful Perry and offers to help the “reluctant” mother-to-be. It is clear that she has been moved into the slot of “favorite” and this becomes apparent when the interviewer sabotages Perry’s roommate during her interview.

Vanessa Keller meets Dr. Lennon with more information that Darius is up to something. The vice president complains about Thompson and says he wants the man’s attitude sorted out. Hayes is concerned that his daughter is missing and it is revealed without a doubt that the man and his conspirators are planning to kill the president.

The first lady gives Perry some helpful advice and tells her that she needs to learn to do more than “be herself” and lets the young woman know that the “fix” is in, whether she wants it or not. Gabrielle also tells the hopeful that an exam later in the day is very important and that Perry will pass the test.

Angela is upset about her interview and Perry tries to cheer her up and tells her that it is not as bad as she thinks. At the same time, the ex bartender begins her “transformation” in front of the cameras just as the first lady suggested.

James and Alison discuss their past and Dr. Kessler is picked up by some of Hayes’ men. Perry takes Angela to the terminal that she was meant to use in the test and later Dr. Lennon is informed that Kessler has been killed by the man Vanessa has asked to protect the scientist.

The first lady tells Perry off for switching terminals and tells her not to pull a “stunt like that again.” It turns out that Vice President Melrose is part of Darius’s plan and Rose returns home in time to hear the Vice President agree to her father’s plans. Rose may not live long enough to regret her decision to return home.

Alison warns Kyle about the MayTwos and James goes to the Kessler beach house in St. Michael to search for clues. Just as he finds what he was looking for Darius’ men show up and kill him, but not before he sends off pictures of the evidence. With two episodes of The Lottery left before the season finale the body count is increasing and the intrigue mounting.

By Michael Smith

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