The Simpsons Delivers on Character Death

The Simpsons

It was teased a few months ago, and The Simpsons certainly delivered on the character death. Many viewers were pleasantly surprised to find out that it was not an expected one. However, it was not one that is going to change the whole premise of the show, either, which was something expected.

For months, executive producer Al Jean teased that it would be a main character, who was voiced by an Emmy Award winning actor. That meant a few characters were in the firing line, with Bart and Marge Simpson being two main ones. It was unlikely that the two would be killed off considering the show is mainly about them.

Shortly after, the title of The Simpsons episode was shared, and it had everyone believing Krusty the Clown would be the one they would say goodbye to. The title of the episode was “Clown in the Dumps,” and supposedly a showcase of Krusty’s depressive nature. Many could believe that this character would die permanently. He smokes and drinks, and is certainly not in good health.

However, many fans were surprised to find out that The Simpsons delivered on the character death without it being too obvious. It certainly fit in with the title too. While the episode was Krusty-central, he was not the ones that fans would have to see disappear. It was his father instead!

Throughout the episode, Krusty was hearing how people hated his comedic talents. He turns to his father to seek confirmation of his capabilities; a man who has not been known in the past to share his approval of his son’s chosen career. However, just as it seems like he is going to get something from his father, Rabbi Krustofski dies in his chair.

Krusty did not remain down in the dumps throughout the episode. Bart helped to turn it all around, by encouraging his favorite clown to visit Rabbi Krustofski’s replacement, Rabbi Rudenstein. The clown then finds out that his father did enjoy his work, due to the replacement using some of his jokes in his service. Krusty realizes that his father loved his jokes, and that was a sign that he appreciated his choice of career.

Jean’s teasing was not completely off, either. Rabbi Krustofski is a relatively major role, especially in the life of Krusty. He was also voiced by Jackie Mason, who won an Emmy for Outstanding Voice-Over Performance for his work on his debut episode as the voice, “Like Father, Like Clown.” However, the actor has only voiced four of the rabbi’s nine appearances on the show.

While the show did deliver on the promise, it seems like it was not as major as expected. Many fans expected someone like Krusty or eve Grandpa Simpson to die. That would have created a storyline as the characters dealt with the death. It would have been something on a similar, if not bigger, scale than when Maud Flanders was killed off permanently.

This one seems a little anti-climatic. However, The Simpsons definitely delivered on the character death, and all the clues did point to the eventual victim, after all.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham


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