The Vampire Diaries Official Convention Las Vegas: Day One

The Vampire Diaries Official Convention Las Vegas: Day One

What a difference a convention makes, The Vampire Diaries Official Las Vegas Convention, 2014 on day one was a very intimate and friendly affair. Volunteers and attendees all mentioned that things will pick up as the weekend approaches, so the intimacy may disappear. But on the first day at the Rio Hotel and Casino, the atmosphere almost felt like a family reunion versus a big event.

The “talent” – as the organizers term the stars headlining the event – are available to the fans and the convention host, Micah Parker, is a fan favorite and one heck of a great showman. The actor played Adrian on the show and he clearly enjoys his Master of Ceremonies role as much as the crowd loves Micah onstage.

The Vampire Diaries Official Convention Las Vegas: Day One
Convention Host Micah Parker, Crowd Pleaser.

In terms of meeting the stars, via official meet and greet areas, the languid pace of the first day seemed to make it possible for most fans who came out for day one to go home happy. The intimate relaxed air is a little deceiving as it turns out that backstage there is a lot of difficulty in orchestrating the busy actors’ appearances at the event.

The first day of the convention featured Scots actor Paul Telfer who played Alexander on the show who had an amusing time on stage. One fan asked him what the most beautiful thing was he had seen since arriving. With a bemused look on his face he replied, “How can I answer that? We’re in Vegas, everything is
beautiful here!”

The Vampire Diaries Official Convention Las Vegas: Day One
Paul Telfer another popular man with the crowd.

Of course Mr. Parker did a brilliant job stepping in for Arielle Kebbel, who sadly had to pass on hosting the event due to her shooting schedule, and he joined Paul and Chase Coleman as the representatives for the show on day one of The Vampire Diaries Official Las Vegas Convention.

Coleman, as well as Telfer, did a great job pleasing fans with their Question and Answer sessions and all three of the male representatives interacted very well with all who stood and asked their personal questions. Kudos must be given to Chase who proved that he had great taste in 1980s rock music and for admitting that he liked not one but several songs by Foreigner. He showed his “encyclopedic” knowledge when a young fan asked him what his favorites might be from that musical time period. The question was in preparation for the Karaoke evening that the Guardian Liberty Voice will be covering.

The Vampire Diaries Official Convention Las Vegas Day One
Chase Coleman, harsh lighting, great Q & A.

At the end of the daytime events, Micah, Chase and Paul all participated in signing autographs and fans collected their copies of pictures from earlier photo ops with the actors. The difference in this convention and the more “robust” Star Trek con in August on day one, was palpable. The actor’s themselves were just as friendly to fans and gave quite a lot of their time considering their busy schedules.

Mr. Parker actually stayed around to support his fellow Q&A participants and took time to have a word or two with fans who realized that he was still in the area. In this instance, the atmosphere at this smaller event was the same. Another similarity is the excitement of The Vampire Diaries fans who love the show, and its spinoff, The Originals. Like Trek fans, these folks were just thrilled to be at the con.

The Vampire Diaries Official Convention Las Vegas Day One
Poster for fan photos.

Day one of The Vampire Diaries Official Convention in Las Vegas may have been a little low key, but all who were there, estimated that the numbers will increase tomorrow and Sunday when the main stars of the show appear. Autographs from Ian Somerhalder and Daniel Gillies are sold out already so there may be some disappointed fans, but like most who were there today, they will not grouse too much. All are happy to meet their idols and to interact with like-minded fans. The convention is at the Rio Hotel and Casino and begins at 10:30 a.m. on Saturday and Sunday.

By Michael Smith


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