‘The Voice’: Blind Auditions Night #2 [Recap/Review]

The Voice

The Voice Blind Auditions Night #2 is tonight! Building a team of the best singers possible is crucial to a coach getting to have the bragging rights of one of his or her team members becoming known as “The Voice” at the end of a season and walking away with a recording contract and trophy. Each of the coaches began forming their teams last night on the premiere episode of The Voice and they will continue tonight, trying to solidify their teams and beat the other singers and coaches.

Host of The Voice, Carson Daly, introduced the coaches/judges, Gwen Stefani, Blake Shelton, Adam Levine and Pharrell Williams. It was not very long after that when the very first competitor of the evening took the stage to try to wow the judges into turning their chairs around.

If one coach turns his/her chair around the competitor then becomes a member of that coach’s team automatically; however, if more than one coach turns their chairs around, the singer gets to here the pitches of each of the coaches who want him/her as a team member and then gets to decide which team he/she will join.

So far, going into the Blind Auditions Night #2 on The Voice, the four judges have selected two competitors each to be on their teams. Team Adam has Clara Hong and Damien Lawson as its members, while Team Gwen has Taylor John Williams and Bryana Salaz as her two team members. Team Pharrell is composed of Elyjuh René and Luke Wade and the two members of Team Blake are James David Carter and Allison Bray.

The first competitor of the evening to sing on The Voice was DaNica Shirey of Pennsylvania. DaNica chose to sing Big White Room. DaNica gave a terrific performance — she got every judge except for Blake to turn around.

DaNica said “I pick — Pharrell!” Pharrell Williams got the first team member of the night, but the other coaches will likely soon catch up to him.

The second person on The Voice to sing was Joe Kirk of Nashville, Tennessee. He sang the popular hit Lego House. What a terrific singer! He had the audience in the palms of his hands. All four judges pushed their buttons and turned their chairs around for him.

Just like DaNica, Joe had a tough decision to make. All of the judges made their pitches to him, but he finally said he chose to be a member of Team Adam.

The third person to sing on The Voice tonight was Menlik Zergabachew. Menlik sang Santeria. Both Blake and Gwen pushed their buttons and turned their chairs around for this great singer. Menlik said she wanted to be on Team Gwen.

Jimi Milligan of Pennsylvania sang a energetic, rousing performance of the classic hit, Get Ready. Though Jimi did a great job, none of the judges pushed a button for some reason.

Reagan James, 15, sang the song Give Me Love. She got all of the coaches to turn their chairs around! She said that she loves R&B, but Pharrell did not turn his chair around.

Blake asked her: “Who do you pick as a choice?” and she said, somewhat surprisingly, “I pick Blake.” That evened up the teams once again, at three each.

Blake said “We’re gonna win this thing. We’re gonna win this thing.”

“I’m gonna cry right now,” Gwen said to Blake. “I need a hug! She didn’t want me!” Blake came over to where Gwen was sitting and gave her a hug.

When The Voice returned from a commercial break, Taylor Phelan, a graphic designer, was the next person to perform.

“We’d move around quite a bit,” Taylor said, about when he was younger. “We were pretty poor. My mom is the hardest working woman I ever knew. My dad has been in and out of jails, so I didn’t get to know him very well,” he said. He added that if he had had choice, he would pick Adam.

Taylor sang Sweater Weather. He was AWESOME, and his voice filled the entire auditorium they were in. The audience clapped along as he sang.

Adam was the first one to turn his chair around. Gwen quickly followed suit, as did Pharrell and Blake. They were all bobbing their heads, really getting into this fantastic singer’s voice. The judges all stood up and gave him a standing ovation when he finished.

Adam: “You were Elvis-ing out with the feet. I turned around first, keep that in mind.’

Gwen: “I felt like I was listening to a band, not The Voice.”

Pharrell: “What a performance you gave! Dude, you were so melodically articulate; you belong on my team!”

Blake: You are an all-around kind of guy who can pretty much do anything! Dammit man, you’re a great singer!”

Taylor said “I pick — ” and The Voice went to another commercial break. When the show returned, he said “I pick Pharrell.” He had been going to choose Adam. The reason he gave for choosing Pharrell was “He had the most to say about my performance, which really connetced wiht me as an artist.”

Caitlin Lucia then said she collected Pez dispensers, and has over 1,000 of them. She began singing while she was in a Catholic choir at her school. She will be singing You’re the One That I Want from Grease, and will only have her guitar to accompany her.

Gwen said “Oh, my God!” right away. Caitlin has an AMAZING voice and the entire audience clapped along as she sang — but, no chairs turned for her!

Gwen told her “I really loved your voice!” but still did not turn her chair for Caitlin. Blake should that he was very close to pushing his button, but thought that she might have trouble holding notes.

Sugar Joans, 24, was the next person to perform She will be singing Chain of Fools by Aretha Franklin. Her dad has sang for several groups.

“If I was able to have a chair turn, and do it on my own, it would mean so much more to me,” she said.

She has a rich, soulful, sultry sound to her voice. The judges looked like they were enjoying listening to her, but it was only at the very end that she got two of them to turn around, right at the very end — Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton!

Blake asked her what her name was, and then he said “Sugar Jones! Everybody loves Sugar!” Blake said he wanted to “do a duet of Me and Mrs. Jones with her.”

Finally, Sugar had to choose. She said “I had to pick Gwen.”

Blake said “I was really a fan of her voice. My heart is broken.”

Tsylor Brashears, 20, sang on The Voice after more commercials. She knew how to play the fiddle, though she did not play one tonight. She hoped that being selected by one of the coaches on The Voice would set her apart from the other performers in Nashville, where she lives and works.

Taylor sang the song You Ain’t Woman Enough by Loretta Lynn. The audience clapped along, really getting into the song. Adam and Pharrell pushed their buttons at almost the same time and turned their chairs around for her. At the end, Blake turned his chair around, also.

Blake asked her what her name was and she told him, saying she was “born and raised” in Nashville.

Pharrell said “Your tone is so amazing! You have so much swagger — you’re a star!”

Adam said of Blake: “Just don’t forget the fact that he almost didn’t push his button.”

Blake said that Loretta Lynn was the first one to sing that song, so that’s why he took so long to push his button.

Taylor said: “I have to pick a coach. This is so crazy! I pick Blake!”

The next person to perform on The Voice, Andy Cherry, said a couple of months before he got married he also signed to a Christian record label. However, the sales were not very high, so the label let him go. “If I got a chair to turn today, it would mean that not giving up was the right decision.

He sang Everybody Wants to Rule the World. He KICKED BUTT with this song and performance! He WAILED on it — but, nobody pressed a button for him!

Adam said “When it comes to a song being too different, that’s what didn’t get us to turn our chairs.” It was different, but the dude has an astounding voice and it was surprising he got none of the chairs to turn around.

The last performance of the night on The Voice came right after another commercial break. The singer was Maiya Sykes.

“My mother sang backup vocals for Earth, Wind and Fire and Meatloaf,” she said. She added that she went to Yale and was a triple major. Her mom called her “A wonderful human being.” She said she lived with her mom and was the person who brought in the money.

Maiya sang Stay With Me. All four of the judges pushed their buttons and turned their chair aroun almost from the very start! Maya has a very pure and melodic voice and she even got Pharrell to stand up for her during the song and wave at her.

Blake asked her what her name was and she told him “Maiya, you just made my day! I think you can win this show; I really do.’

Pharrell said “When you sing, you have a conviction. I’m so interested in who you, personally, are and that’s the story I want to amplify.”

Gwen: “I want to say ‘Welcome to Team Gwen. We could talk clothes, fashion — you need someone to bring out your own unique, individual style.”

Adam: To win this show, you need to evolve. I will make sure we don’t take your talent for granted.”

Pharrell said “I will only push your amibitions, not mine.”

Gwen said “Do you like fashion? I’ve got clothes, handbags –“

Blake told her he had three trophies and two credit cards, and he would “buy her some damn clothes” if she wanted any.

“The fact that you guys believe in me so much is such a humble and gratifying experience. However, the fact that Pharrell stood up for me is why I choose Pharrell,” Maiya said.

Pharrell said “I was honored that she picked me.”

On The Voice next Monday, there will be even more awesome performances, if the brief preview America got at the end of tonight’s episode is any indication. Once again, there were some utterly great performances tonight during the second night of Blind Auditions on The Voice. Three of the performers, Joe Kirk, Taylor Phelan and Maiya Sykes, got all four of the coaches to turn their chairs around. The four coaches on The Voice are getting closer to having their teams assembled — tune in next Monday to see who they choose to help complete their teams!

Written By Douglas Cobb

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