‘The Voice’: Blind Auditions Part Four [Recap & Video]

The Voice

On The Voice tonight, the Blind Auditions Part Four took place as the four coaches scrambled to shape their teams and try to get the most talented singers possible. When they have their teams set, after just one more night of auditions, the coaches will then have the agonizing job of trying to decide which of their team members to keep and which to let go off during the Battle Rounds, when members of the same teams will go in head-to-head competition against each other.

As usual, Carson Daly introduced the four coaches, Pharrell Williams, Blake Shelton, Gwen Stafani and Adam Levine. Then, the first competitor to take the sage on The Voice was Katriz Trinidad, 15, who sang the Etta James classic At Last.

What a fantastic way to start off the show! She was terrific, and got three of the coaches to turn their chairs around, Gwen Stefani, Pharrell, and Blake. After they gave her their pitches, she finally said “I pick…Pharrell!”

The second person to perform on The Voice was Ethan Butler, who sang Beneath Your Beautiful. Ethan did a great job singing, getting the audience in to the song and clapping along. He managed to get two of the coaches to press their buttons and turn their chairs for him, Blake and Adam. Ethan did not have to think about it for very long before he said “I pick…Adam!”

Then, the third competitor up on The Voice was Tanner Linford, who chose to sing When You Say Nothing At All. He sounded fantastic, but only Blake turned his chair around. Tanner automatically went to Team Blake.

Roem Baur, 37, was the fourth person to perform on The Voice. He sang Oh, Pretty Woman by Roy Orbison. “If I turn a chair today, I know I’m a rocker,” he said. As soon as he began singing and playing the guitar, the audience applauded and then clapped along a she sang. He did a really good job singing this classic, but none of the coaches turned around for him.

Adam said “Listen, man, Roy Orbison is one of the greatest ever.”

Blake said “I thought he was trying to do Roy’s vibrato too much and that’s what threw me off.”

Pharrell said that the coaches want to see what makes the performers unique, and added that next time, he should try to bring out more of himself. Then, The Voice went to yet another commercial break.

Jean Kelley talked about how her mom encouraged her when she was younger to sing. But, when she was 12, her mom’s heart defibrilated and gave out. Still, Jean wanted to pursue music, and formed a band with friends. However, she now wants to do it on her own, and get at least one chair to turn around. She sang Already Gone. She had a very beautiful voice and got the audience cheering as she sang. She also showed she has power and range, as her voice soared to the rafters. Blake and Gwen took their time, but both pushed their buttons close to the end of the song and turned their chairs around.

Blake said “I loved your voice but was on the fence until right at the end. Man, I need someone like you on my team.”

“Do you now?” Jean asked him.

“Yes, I do!” Blake responded.

Gwen compared her own voice to Jean’s and even her hairstyle to hers. Jean asked Blake how would he help her make it all the way to the end, and he answered “The same way I’ve helped three other people make it to the end.”

Jean called Blake “an incredible coach,” but she then said “I pick Gwen.”

Blake said “I cannot believe that she picked Gwen to be her coach. She might be someone to contend with.”

Chris Jamison, 20, sang next on The Voice. He said that, right now, he worked in a mail room. He said he has been performing for the last 4 or 5 years but he has never had an opportunity like this. He chose to sing Gravity. Blake, then Pharrell, turned their chairs around very quickly. He has a awesome, soulful voice. When he hit a pretty high note, Adam then turned his char around. Right at the very end, Gwen turned her chair, making it a four-chair turn-around.

Gwen said “Wow, you’re really cute!”

Adam said “Wouldn’t you want someone in tune with your influences? If you do 85 percent of all of the things you did, you would probably have an even bigger impact on your audiences.”

Gwen said “If you work with me, what I’d really like to do is bring a signature sound out.”

Pharrell said “You got lost in the moment, and I don’t have a problem with that. Your voice is crazy.”

Blake said “Your mission was to get someone to press their button. You succeeded in that. It might not seem obvious to come to my team, but believe me, it really is.”

Chris said “I pick — ” then, The Voice went to another commercial break. Blaah….

After the break, Chris finished the sentence, with the name “Adam!” He said that he had originally planned “to go with Pharrell,” but he thought that Adam would offer him helpful criticism and tips.

Craig Wayne Boyd was next to sing on The Voice. He is from Dallas, Texas, and said “I’ve been a full-time musician for over 11 years.” His son, he said, is two years old, though he never got married to his son’s mother. He still wants to be a full-time musician and take his music “to the top,” so that he “can take care of his son.”

Craig sang It Ain’t Workin’, a country honky-tonk song. He NAILED it, and got Blake’s chair to turn around. Then, Pharrell Williams also turned his chair! They were the only two coaches who turned. Adam said that Craig’s jacket was “swe-e-e-et!” It was a brown leather jacket with fringes.

Pharrell said “There was a growl when you did those runs.”

Blake said “Hey, listen; Travis Tritt is probably at least 50 percent of the reason I moved to Nashville because he put an edge to the music.”

Craig said — no big surprise here — “I choose Blake!”

Tini Grey was next to perform. He studied to become an architect but found out that he really wanted to be a musician. He related that his dad had a stroke and that he wanted to step in and take over, singing full time. He sang the soft rock classic Sara Smile. He ROCKED it OUT! The audience really loved his performance, clapping and cheering along. He could hit the high notes, too; but, no coach turned around for him.

Gwen told him “Your voice is really amazing!” but she did not chose him.

Blake said Tini’s falsetto was not as great as he would have liked. Adam agreed, saying that Tini “started off strong,” but then he was not as impressed with the rest of the performance.

We got to see a montage of several performers who did not get selected by any of the judges. Then, Carson said that, coming up, was a performer who got all four of the judges to turn their chairs. First, though, The Voice went to a commercial break.

Toia Jones was next on The Voice. She told about how her dad passed away, and she moved back in with her mom. It has been difficult for her, but her boyfriend played the keyboard, so they decided to form a band together. Now, though, she wants to take her musical career to the next level. She sang One and Only. She has a very lyrical and powerful voice! She had the audience cheering and screaming for her. Pharrell hesitated for a moment, then pressed his button and turned his chair around. Close to the end, Adam also pushed his button and turned his chair.

Pharrell: “The canvas you painted was so clear. So, whose team do you want to be on?”

Adam said “Ho-ho-ho! I haven’t said anything yet! There’s no one like you on my team, but there’s a lot on Pharrell’s.”

Pharrell: “We will build what you want to build. What you want accomplished, I will see happens.”

She said “I choose — Pharrell!” Pharrell said “She sang perfectly.”

Adam was bummed. He told Pharrell “I hate you right now!” He had really wanted Toia to be on his team.

Amanda Lee Peers, 28, from New York, sang next. “Coming from a large, religious family it was difficult saying that I was gay. Nobody at church accepted me so I left music for a while.”

Carson asked her about how she came back to music. Amanda said that she first was in a band, then her girlfriend supported her in her desire to follow her dreams and try to become an artist in her own right. She sang Put the Gun Down and she was AMAZING! Gwen did not have to listen very long before she pushed her button and turned her chair around. None of the other judges turned, though. “Welcome to my team!” Gwen told her and gave her a team shirt. “You guys are all really stupid, because she was amazing!”

The last singer of the night on The Voice was on, right after another commercial break. First, though, Carson recapped the night and the singers each coach landed. Jonathan Wyndham was the last performer on The Voice. He had a speech impediment when he was younger, but he said his mom “figured out whenever he sang it wasn’t an issue.”

He told Carson: “I’m trying to hit every Cracker Barrel in the nation,” though he said he has only been to “about half of them so far.” He sang Say Something. He would be happy with any of the judges, if they turned around for him. Dang, his voice was uber cool, wavering a little; he KNOCKED THIS SONG OUT Of THE PARK! Blake turned first, then Gwen, Adam, and Pharrell. Blake had clearly hoped he would be the only one to turn around.

Gwen told him “I think it would be really fun to work together. I think you sing with a lot of emotion. I’ve been listening to Adam’s music since I was 12. And, yours, too.”

Adam said “It’s a very dramatic and beautiful song. You have a vulnerable sound to your voice I have to hear more and have to be your coach.”

Pharrell: “I first listen for an interesting tone, then a voice. You should be proud of yourself.”

Blake said “Country music is about telling stories. You could hear the desperation in your voice.”

“Do you like Cracker Barrel?”

“I do, indeed! OMG!” Blake answered him. Adam told him to “never say OMG again.”

Gwen asked him who he was going to pick. “I’m going with — I have to pick Adam!” Jonathan said.

Adam said “It’s good to be king again!”

Next week, the auditions will continue. Each coach has only two spots left on their teams. As the Blind Auditions phase of The Voice wind down, next Monday’s episode is sure to be the most dramatic one yet! Be sure to tune in and find out the final picks of the coaches.

Written By Douglas Cobb

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