Tips for Staying on Top of ‘Destiny’

Destiny Tips and Tricks

The long wait is over. Bungie, creators of the Halo series have finally released their love child, Destiny and the world is watching (and playing). After dipping into the universe you may be pondering how to be more efficient about how to go about things, here are some tips and notes to be aware of.

The Menu
By pressing start you can open your menu, this is where you can change equipment, invite friends to your fireteam, check bounties and more. This menu can be accessed during loading screens and even in the Crucible; it is basically there all the time.

The Crucible is where the standard online matches take place. The four modes include Control, Clash, Rumble, and Skirmish. Players start with Control, but can unlock the others by playing each new type once. Bounties are obtained from the Tower, they have goals to meet that yield rewards such as experience. Many bounties can be completed simply by participating in the Crucible, which makes it a good place to get experience. As a note, some equipment can offer upgrades when given enough experience, keep that in mind when turning in bounties so you can get all the experience exactly where you want it.

Three classes are available, Warlock, Titan, and Hunter. A profile can have multiple characters so be sure to look at the skill trees with each class and don’t be afraid to try something new.

The Vault
At the tower you can access the Vault to store equipment in. You do not need to visit stores to sell goods in Destiny because you can dismantle them yourself. However, if you have multiple classes you can use the vault to deliver weapons to your other characters. If a sniper rifle is not really what you want on your Titan, maybe it is more suited for your Hunter.

Heavy Ammo
Something to not forget about is your third weapon. While playing in the Crucible heavy ammo will appear twice per map (heavy ammo is purple). If you open the chest with a teammate nearby not only will you get the ammunition, but some will fall on the ground for them too!

Free Ammunition
Ammo is pretty easy to come by actually, you can pick it up from fallen enemies, buy reserve packs at the tower, or simply wait for it to replenish. Yes, if you use all of your ammo excluding what you have in your magazine you can wait for 30 seconds and your primary weapon will be ready to go!

There are lots of different ways to get loot: Crucible, stores, story levels, and more. Depending on your performance you may get even more. Say you are on a Patrol mission on the moon with lower leveled enemies, you can focus less on surviving and more on headshots. If your performance is exceptionally impressive (multiple consecutive headshots) you may see one of the enemies drop a colored sphere. Picking it up will reveal that you have found some loot. Also, if you somehow miss good loot most of it can be picked up from your friend the Postmaster back at the Tower.

These pieces of loot need to be taken to the Cryptarch at the Tower (to the right from where you spawn), he can reveal what the item is for you (for free!). Also, you may want to hold onto engrams because they level up with you, meaning if you wait until you hit the level cap 20, (sort of) they will yield better equipment.

By Garrett Jutte

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