Tonight Show: Jimmy Fallon Is Back With Adam Levine and Maroon 5

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Jimmy Fallon

On The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon tonight, it’s finally a new episode! The show has been on hiatus for a little over two weeks, but it’s back with a new episode tonight. Fallon’s guests will be The Voice coach and lead singer of Maroon 5, Adam Levine, and also Meredith Vieira, so it should be a great episode. Fallon said that the latest album out by Maroon 5, called V, is the country’s number one album. Tomorrow night, Blake Shelton will be one of the guests.

After Jimmy Fallon started off the evening with his fantastic monologue, he did a Pros & Cons comedy bit about Playing Fantasy Football:

“Pro: You can participate in pro football without actually playing — or , as it’s also known, Tebowing. “

“Pro: You and your bros can join a head-to-head league. Con: Explaining to your wife that it’s not what it sounds like.”

“Pro: If you’re fat and out -of-shape, you can still play fantasy football. Or, Major League Baseball.”

“We’ll be right back with Adam Levine!” Jimmy Fallon said at the end of the bit.

“Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome Adam Levine!” Jimmy Fallon said. “It’s your first time on the Tonight Show. Clearly, the guys here love you,” he said, as the audience went wild with applause.

“I had a lot to do with your career,” Fallon said.

“That’s not true,” Adam replied.

“That’s all right — we’ll edit it so it seems like it’s true,” Fallon says. Adam talked about Gwen Stefani mispronouncing Steve Colbert’s last name at the Emmys. Adam said “If he wins, you have to say “Cold-Bear.”

“It sounds like a kind of Swedish candy. I decided to go up there and I didn’t think he would be mad.” Jimmy Fallon mentions, referring to when he went onstage to claim the Emmy as a joke.

“I’m happy she messed up, because look what it’s led to,” Adam said.

He then told Jimmy that he had some tattoo work done before the Emmys, the outline of a new one. At the Emmys, Adam said that he had a bloody arm. “It’s still scabby,” he said, showing off elaborate tatto on his right forearm. It looked pretty cool! He confided that his mom does not like his tattoos very much.

“Your wife–she’s a hottie. She can pull off ‘Be Hottie,” Fallon told Adam. Adam’s wife’s first name is “Behati.”

“No cell phones were allowed at the wedding. People had to interact, which was a little scary,” Adam told Jimmy about his wedding to the beautiful model, Behati. “We got married in a tent,” Adam joked.

When The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon returned from a commercial break, he and Adam Levine played a game. Whenever Fallon plays a game with one of his guests, it is a pretty enjoyable and often funny part of the show.

“Gosh, you guys are really hard-working,” Jimmy Fallon said, talking about Adam and Maroon 5. He complimented Levine for his ability to do impressions, though Adam said “I’m not Jimmy Fallon good.” The game involved doing musical impressions of famous singers singing children’s songs.

Adam had to sing Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes in the style of Frank Sinatra.

Then, it was Fallon’s turn. He had to sing Rude like Bob Dylan might sing it. It was great! Adam next had to sing The Sesame Street Theme Song like Michael Jackson might. It was AWESOME! “How did you do that? That was unbelievable!” Fallon said.

Then, he had to sing Old McDonald’s Farm in the style of Iggy Azalea. Again, AMAZING! Adam sang Muffin Man in the style of Eddie Vedder, NAILING it. The Voice premieres September 22 on NBC,” Jimmy said, adding “We’ll be back with Meredith Vieira!”

Jimmy Fallon

“Monday, Monday, Monday! We’re so excited about this!” Fallon said, talking about the completion of a new set where Meredith Vieira will be broadcasting from.

“I am nervous, because my name is on it now,” she said.

“But, you have all of these big names coming in. Can we say it?”

“Jennifer Lopez!” Meredith said.

Then, Fallon and Meredith walked backstage, through all of the Tonight Show‘s backstage, and right to Meredith’s new stage. She said it is modeled after her actual front room.

Then, they walked back to the Tonight Show set, where Fallon asked Meredith “You bring your dog onto the set sometimes?”

“Yes. But, he sometimes he goes for things. We have to be careful that he doesn’t do it.” She told Fallon that “We have to have a pet on the show, because I’m like you — I love animals.”

Meredith bought Fallon’s dog, Jasper, a gift basket. Fallon said “My dog went out and bought your a gift, to. It’s a turtle costume.” The Meredith Vieira Show premieres nationwide on Monday!” Fallon said; then, the Tonight Show went to another commercial break.

Jimmy Fallon

Back from break, Adam Levine and the rest of Maroon 5 performed their new hit song, Maps, which they also sang at the Emmys, though outside, to a huge audience gathered to hear them. It is a cool song, with a Reggae feel to parts of it. They did a great job singing it and will be going on tour soon to promote their new album, V.

It was good to see The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon back with new shows! The repeats are still funny, but it is just not the same as seeing the shows when they are new and more topical. Adam Levine talked about his wedding and his latest album with Maroon 5 and he and Jimmy Fallon played a game together, in which they both demonstrated their impressive abilities to mimic famous singers. Meredith Vieira, Fallon’s second guest, was also entertaining. Her new daytime show, beginning this coming Monday on NBC, looks like it will be a big rating success.


Written By Douglas Cobb