Under the Dome: Black Ice (Recap and Review)

Under the Dome: Black Ice (Recap and Review)

Under the Dome: Black Ice looks to be attempting to finish up this over-long adaptation of the Stephen King novel. The author showed his apparent support by showing up in a cameo at the beginning of season two. However, with the slow pace and almost complete deviation from the original source material King may start asking CBS to “let my people go.” With this week’s events the release of the trapped Chester’s Mill residents may not be that far off. There are, after all, only two episodes left in the season and the dome is moving.

At the conclusion of last week’s episode, Melanie appeared to be dying and the temperature under the dome started falling dramatically. All the remaining dome residents are huddled in the high school which is doing duty as a sort hospital triage area and presumably the one place where everyone can stay warm in the plummeting temperatures.

Melanie is being rushed to the “hospital.” Joe, Norrie and Hunter go to see what why the dome is rotating and discover that it appears to be freezing. Joe puts his palm on the inside of the barrier and it begins to move down. The teenager’s hand is stuck to the dome and it takes all three of the young people to pry it off. As they watch, the bloody print left on the barrier moves toward the ground meaning that the dome’s movement is continuing and that the thing may crush them all.

Pauline rips into Jim for throwing the egg down the chasm and closing off their only means of escape. After his “dead” wife accuses him of narcissism she then explains that they will never “be a family again.” Big Jim still believes the dome has a message and mission for him alone. Pauline goes to apologise to the other “dead” female under the dome, Melanie. Meanwhile, Julia and Barbie brave the black ice and go on a food run.

While she and Barbie discuss the dome residents’ options of survival, Julia has a blonde moment when she decides that, despite the ambulance she and Dale are travelling in being on an icy road, to get up and fasten a gurney down while the vehicle is still moving. To be fair to the character, Dale does nothing to dissuade her from this life threatening maneuver.

Of course the moment that she moves into the back of the van, the vehicle’s wheels lock and the whole thing goes into a spin and then flips over. Julia is severely injured and the dropping temperatures mean that both she and Barbie are in serious trouble.

While her lover attempts to help her out, Big Jim and Junior also have an argument and James realizes that Melanie’s health issues are directly linked to the egg. Melanie and Pauline continue to talk about what happened when the egg first showed up in Chester’s Mill when Melanie’s health takes a sudden turn for the worse.

Joe finds out that Hunter is a “mole” working for Barbie’s father. Big Jim also makes a discovery while out looking for more fuel. Lyle has finally made back and is bobbing up and down in the lake and Jim throws the barber a line. Norrie and Hunter bond which may explain why the spy has a later change of heart.

Lyle reveals to Big Jim that he had a vision of fire in the dome and Barbie figures out how to save Julia. The survivors in the high school make it through the night and although the temperature is rising, Rebecca points out that the barometer’s readings are off. Pauline and Jim make up after he tells her why he saved Lyle and what his motives really are.

Hunter decides he does not want to work for Barbie’s dad any longer. Joe, Norrie and the former mole are standing by the dome’s edge when it begins to make a loud painful noise. The three touch the barrier and it begins to move inward at a rapid rate.

In Under the Dome: Black Ice the show ends on another “dome-hanger” as it seems the residents may just be crushed or, based on Lyle’s “vision”, burnt to death. Kudos to actress Rachelle Lefevre, who plays Julia Shumway, she does a great job of making believable pain noises. When she was being treated by Barbie, Rachelle sounded as though she were in agony. Amusingly, the look on her face was one of massive annoyance rather than pain. With two episodes left in season two, perhaps Stephen King’s people will be allowed to escape the now shrinking dome.

By Michael Smith


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