United States Has Identified Killer of Two Beheaded American Journalists


United States Has Identifed Killer

The United States believes it has identified the killer of two beheaded American journalists. U.S. intelligence organizations think they know  just who the Islamic State militant was who appeared in two videos where United States journalists were beheaded, declared the director of the FBI, James Comey, on Thursday.

However, Comey refused to name the man to the general public while federal agents from both the U.S and the U.K. were still in search of him. Several different intelligence groups aided in helping the identification process by using overhead imagery, voice recognition equipment and chronicles of Western fighters who were thought to have joined up with ISIS in an effort to recognize the killer.

He first showed up in a video that came out in August and showed the brutal beheading of James Foley. A second equally horrible video that showed the death of Steven Sotloff, was released around two weeks later. For a time, British representatives put their suspicions upon a rapper whom they thought had taken off to Syria in order to join the fighting. However, they now feel such an assumption was wrong along with what the U.S. believes in that it has identified the true killer of the two beheaded American journalists

The United States declared on Wednesday that there were sanctions made against several members of, including Salim Benghalem, who was named as a fighter. He was said to be one who performed executions on the group’s behalf but he was acknowledged as being from France, which suggested the two Americans were murdered by another individual. The FBI director also talked about the airstrikes that occurred in Syria this week but remained guarded when he spoke about if some of the attacks had been performed against a second terrorist group by the name of the Khorasan Group.

It was early on Wednesday that the new prime minister of Iraq, Haider al-Abadi, cautioned that ISIS was fixated on beginning to attack the subway systems in the U.S. and Paris, but Comey noted that neither he nor the National Security Council were aware of any confirmation backing up such charges.

In each of the beheading videos, the masked murderer mocked President Obama and exclaimed the beheadings were in retribution for the bombing attacks on ISIS targets in Iraq. The two killings seemed to take place in the very same desert spot, with hills being seen in the background. The executioner had a British accent and that led to a specific concentration of looking at men who had British passports and were thought to have joined up with ISIS. President Obama briefly mentioned the two beheadings and a third murder of a British aid worker, while he gave a speech Wednesday to the United Nations.

The president stated that the crimes were the most horrific possible, to have to see innocent humans going through being beheaded, along with videos of the massacre sent out to shock the entire world. He continued with saying that there was no god that pardons such terror. No criticism can rationalize such actions. There cannot be any sort of reasoning or negotiation with this kind of evil. The only language known by killers like this is force. So hopefully, the United States truly has identified just exactly who the killer of the beheaded American journalists really is.

By Kimberly Ruble


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