‘Watch Dogs’ for Wii U Will Come Without Downloadable Content

watch dogs

Watch Dogs, an open-world Ubisoft title, will be coming to the Wii U soon, but will not bring any of its planned downloadable content. While other systems have had the company of Aiden Pierce, the title’s protagonist, for months now, Wii U owners will be getting their first taste of the former record-holder game. This seems to continue the degradation of the relationship between Ubisoft and Nintendo, who, at one point, were spearheading the current generation of consoles together.

Ubisoft made an announcement over Twitter that the various bits of content that will be available for the console title won’t make the Wii U journey. The season pass, therefore, will also not be available for that particular console, although Ubisoft’s support via patches and updates is still assumed. Those that want to enjoy the new content, such as the new Bad Blood that just came to season pass holders this week, will have to find it on any of the other home consoles currently in circulation. Watch Dogs is still on track to release on Nov. 18 in America and Nov. 21 in Europe for the Wii U.

The Wii U has been labeled as an unsavory place for third-party publishers to bring their most “hardcore” titles. Even at launch, the system only received passing support with games that had been out for several months at that point. One of the few companies to publish anything new on the console was Ubisoft with games such as Zombi U. The lackluster sales of the system at launch has since put developers and publishers off when it comes to even bringing titles to the Nintendo audience. Popular franchises such as Madden, Call of Duty and many others have released on other consoles, but are skipping Nintendo’s.

Watch Dogs is not the first title to come to the Wii U without bringing along the downloadable content. Early ports such as Mass Effect 3 were deemed “incomplete” due to characters and entire content packs not being included within the disc and never made available on the eShop. A more recent example would be Batman: Arkham Origins from Warner Bros. who, after seeing the low sales of that title’s season pass, cancelled the story content for the system altogether, leaving Nintendo to float refunds for all who pre-ordered the pass. Those refunds were given in the form of eShop credit, even allowing those that downloaded the multiplayer content for the game to keep that with their refunds.

A game based on hacking in a semi-realistic Chicago setting, Watch Dogs follows Pierce on his vigilante quest to take apart an organization that put his family in danger, but the new content follows a side character in the main plot code-named T-Bone. The plot of the downloadable edition revolves around him receiving a “panicked” phone call from a former associate and moving to act against the responsible party. Non-pass holders will be able to purchase the Watch Dogs content on Playstation 4 or Xbox One on Sept. 30 for an unknown amount while the release dates on last generation hardware is still a mystery.

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