Aaron Rodgers Keeps Packers Alive


In South Beach Miami the Green Bay Packers came to town in what many thought would be an easy win. The Miami Dolphins were not about to go down with a fight however. With a lead late in the game for the Dolphins, Aaron Rodgers pulled out all stops and kept the Packers alive in the highly contested NFC North division.

Dan Marino holds a lot of records in the NFL. He has thrown a lot of touchdown passes, and has many highlight plays. Arguably his biggest highlight was a trick play in which he ran to the line and faked a spike to stop the clock. Instead of actually spiking the ball, he threw a game winning touchdown against the Jets.

In Marino’s old stomping grounds, Rodgers took a page out of his book to help the Packers get the win over the Dolphins. On the final drive of the game with the Dolphins leading 24-20 Rodgers had just completed a first down and ran to the line to spike the ball and stop the clock. However, instead of stopping the clock he threw a 12 yard pass to Davante Adams and kept the Packers drive alive with just six seconds left on the clock.

After the 12 yard gain and the clock now stopped, Rodgers threw a four yard touchdown pass to Andrew Quarless with three seconds left, essentially ending the game. The Dolphins received the kick and attempted to keep the Dolphins alive by completing several laterals, but eventually they fumbled and ended the game.

The Packers now sit at 4-2 on the season. The win in Miami on Sunday was only the second victory for the Packers in franchise history. The Chicago Bears, who are also in the same division as the Packers, won today as well with a victory over the Atlanta Falcons. Rodgers not only kept the Packers alive in Sunday’s game, but kept their playoff hopes alive as well.

The Packers move on to face the Carolina Panthers at home next week and then they go on the road to New Orleans to face the Saints before their bye week. The Dolphins next two games are on the road against the previously mentioned Bears, followed by a game in Jacksonville against the Jaguars.

Aaron Rodgers got off to a slow start this season. Since a week one loss against the Seattle Seahawks however, he has thrown 14 touchdown passes and no interceptions. Through six games in the 2014 season Rodgers has 15 touchdowns. The Packers will need Rodgers to keep performing at a high level if they hope to fend off the Bears, and the Detroit Lions to win the NFC North this season.

On a Sunday in Miami the Packers struggled through most of the game and the Dolphins looked poised to win a big one which would put get them right back in the race for the AFC East. A few fourth quarter mistakes and some late drive heroics by Rodgers kept the Packers alive.

Commentary by Andy Lapic


NY Daily News



Photo by Mike Morbeck –Flickr License

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