About a Boy Halloween Episode on NBC: ‘Will-O-Ween’ [Preview]

About a Boy

About a Boy on NBC on Tuesday, October 28, will have a Halloween episode, called Will-O-Ween. Be warned that potential spoilers lie ahead! During the episode, Marcus, played by Benjamin Stockham, will think back on some terrible past Halloweens, while Will Freeman (David Walton) will have an extravagant Halloween party he really cannot afford, because he loves Halloween so much Fiona, played by Minnie Driver, disapproves of the holiday, of course, and considers it just an excuse by American to get fat.

Will has always had a love for the holiday of Halloween, and although he is experiencing some financial issues and feels sad, he will refuse to let that stop him from having a Halloween blow-out on the Tuesday episode of About a Boy on NBC. Though David Walton, who plays Will, stated in a video about the episode that he will begin the show dressed as a gorilla in a cop suit, he added that in most of the episode he will be in a Lone Ranger costume.

David Walton said Will likes “to go 1000% way over the top” and give trick-or-treaters “basically more candy than they have ever seen in their lives.”   About a Boy

Andy (al Madrigal), Will’s friend, is supposed to be Tonto in this episode of About a Boy, but that falls through. Fiona just thinks that too much candy leads to diabetes, and makes people fat, so she does not approve of the holiday. She hands out rocks with inspirational messages on them instead of candy.

David relates that when Marcus was 11, he got locked inside a dog house one Halloween and had to sustain himself by eating Kibble. It is no wonder that Marcus starts off the episode by not being that big of a fan of Halloween.

Will notices that Marcus does not seem as enthusiastic about Halloween as he is, and he has a fear of Halloween, so he becomes determined to make sure that Marcus has a fun-filled Halloween. However, Marcus gets stuck inside a photo booth that gets pushed up against a wall and he gets trapped inside until Will rescues him. Marcus takes photos of himself doing sign language to signal that he needs help, slipping the photos out of the booth, until Will finally notices and frees Marcus from his predicament.

Will takes Marcus trick-or-treating, then, to prove to him that Halloween can be great. They go on a trick-or-treating spree, and, by the end of it and of the episode Will-O-Ween, Marcus has totally changed his attitude about Halloween and thinks it is great.

About a Boy is one of the highest-rated newer sitcoms on NBC, probably because it is a funny show that the whole family can enjoy watching together. The episode, Will-O-Ween, will be one of many Halloween-related sitcom episodes this coming week. As the series has gone on, Will finds that he really likes Marcus, though he still also wants to maintain his Playboy-like lifestyle, as well. There are many genuine heartwarming moments in the episodes, making About a Boy one of NBC’s biggest successes.

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