Alfonso Ribeiro Does ‘The Carlton’ on Dancing With the Stars [Video]

Alfonso Ribeiro

Alfonso Ribeiro finally “The Carlton” on Dancing With the Stars. It was the one dance that many Fresh Prince of Bel Air fans wanted to see, and questions constantly came up about whether he would do it or not. He certainly did not disappoint, taking many people back to the time they saw him on the show with Will Smith.

After Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Ribeiro seemed to disappear from the public eye. While he did other roles, none stood out in the way that Carlton Banks did. He managed to make the character his own, and created something that nobody has seen before. “The Carlton” was his dance move that everyone tried to copy, but never quite got it right. It was only ever danced to Tom Jones’ It’s Not Unusual.

The actor never revealed where the inspiration for his moves came from at first. It was only recently that he admitted that it came from a mixture of two people; Courtney Cox and Eddie Murphy. In particular, it was Cox’s moves to Dancing in the Dark on stage with Murphy’s stand-up performance involving the “white people dance moves.”

It certainly became something memorable, and was a running sketch throughout the 1990s TV show. As soon as he confirmed he was appearing on Dancing With the Stars, many wanted to know when he would do it. It was a question he was asked each week, and he did confirm that the moves would come eventually. He was just waiting for the perfect moment.

This week was that perfect moment. Ribeiro finally did “The Carlton” on Dancing With the Stars, and it was not a disappointment. His dance partner Witney Carson even joined in with the fun and pulled it off well. The Fresh Prince actor stated that she was the best out of all those who he had ever seen try it.

Many others have attempted it, with his co-star Smith and Jayden Smith attempting it on the Graham Norton show when all three got together. However, the 43-year-old was still the best at the iconic moves.

His moves earned him the top scores from everyone. All three judges—Len Goodman was not there again—gave him 10 out of 10 each. The audience also gave him top marks, and he was the only celebrity to receive top marks from the audience. It was the first time the audience was given the chance to vote in real-time, so the scores were announced on the night.

This week was certainly the perfect moment for Ribeiro to do “The Carlton” on the dance show. The night was all about memorable moments. This was certainly one of the most memorable moments for the actor, and he said he hated the character because it was very difficult to move on from that. People just saw him as Carlton Banks after the TV show. Fans have been the same, and still see him as the geeky cousin of Will Smith. They finally got the trip back down memory lane as Ribeiro finally did “The Carlton” on Dancing With the Stars.

By Alexandria Ingham


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