Amanda Bynes: Mental Illness Caused by Parental Abuse?


Early this morning, Amanda Bynes took to Twitter to make a deep and heartfelt confession that may indicate that her state of mental health was caused by the abuse of her parents. Bynes posted several tweets over a two-hour period which, initially, seemed to be antagonistic statements specifically designed to arouse the interest of viewers by touching upon things that have been written about her, such as an alleged addiction to facial surgery, the media’s statements regarding her mental health, and her physical appearance in recent magazine photographs.

The tweets continued, changing in trajectory from remarks toward paparazzi before transitioning into a more personal confession of internal feelings and both past and current situations. Although the messages came in a stream, there is a clear separation between when Bynes shifted from addressing the media to what seemed like intentional prodding of critics to speaking about love and then unveiling allegations of how her parents treated her, specifically mentioning verbal and physical abuse by her father. Between these two different spectrums of conversation, there is one offensive moment where the star makes a vulgar comment. She immediately shifts gears and begins to reveal a completely different portion of herself, initiating this segment of her conversation by stating that she was abused as a child and now needs to tell the truth about her dad.

In addition to making statements that her father called her ugly as a child, Bynes made the startling accusation that he asked her if she wanted to have sex with him. She goes on to say that being forced to live with her father was a “total nightmare” and that he often fondled himself in front of her. She says that she attempted to catch him in a video recording saying or doing something inappropriate so that she could alert the authorities. She goes further to say that her mother was aware of the actions of her father and that it embarrasses her “to no end” that her mother never did anything about it or called the police. She then states that she is meeting with a lawyer today to file paperwork to obtain a restraining order against her father.

In her most recent tweets of the day, she declares that she will no longer be manipulated nor brainwashed and asks that the public let her live her life “free of unhappiness and misery.” According to TMZ, Bynes’ parents were planning to go to New York City to admit her into a mental health facility. Bynes found out about this attempt and immediately tried to leave town. Even this became a spectacle, as it has been reported that Bynes went to LaGuardia Airport but was forced to leave after screaming at the ticketing agent because the flight was not taking off immediately. Thereafter, she left and headed to John F. Kennedy Airport.

Until Bynes’ allegations are confirmed, no definitive assessment can be made regarding whether or not parental abuse is what has led her to have such an erratic state of mental health. If the alleged abuse did occur, there may be new avenues to investigate in determining exactly why Bynes has been behaving the way she has.

by Bridgette Bryant

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