Amanda Bynes Returns to Twitter Audience

Amanda Bynes

Amanda Bynes took to Twitter Tuesday, ending a five-month status update sabbatical by posting a tweet for the first time since May 15 and choosing to return to her Twitter audience within 24 hours of being back in New York City. The star broke her long tweet silence with what seem like well-planned, deliberate instructions to her fans and ended with a clear statement of what to expect from her new, upcoming journey in NYC.

The three messages she scripted were focused upon giving her followers a full update on how she feels right now, what she is doing next, and what her fans should do regarding the things they have been hearing about her in the news. The first message advised followers not to listen to media hype and tabloids because “they dislike me for some odd reason & they continue to insult me everyday,” she wrote. Within the same hour she continued her Twitter re-emergence by advising fans that they should treat others as they, themselves, want to be treated. She also informed New Yorkers to expect to see her in the area as a regular as she is transferring to either NYU or Columbia to study psychology.

The clear and direct span of messages comes after a week of heavy media attention regarding her seemingly dangerous behaviors and recent actions. TMZ recently shared photos and video of recent incidents such as the star’s DUI arrest last week, an unexpected biking incident and the bandaged star walking through the terminal of LAX.

Bynes’ return to her Twitter audience incited the posting of several other tweets from loyal followers in favor of her return. Some of the comments, posted at E! Online, included, “I am on an Amanda Bynes High right now! My Queen is back!,” “Best news I’ve heard all day is that Amanda Bynes is back on Twitter” and “@amandabynes is back tweeting and everything is right with the universe.”

On the heels of the excitement generated by her return to Twitter today, a new incident allegedly occurred at an event where the artist was spotted at the Gilded Lily nightclub. According to a TMZ exclusive report, Bynes showed up to the NYC nightclub wearing sunglasses and peacefully minding her own business. She danced alone and kept to herself as partygoers watched in awe until people began taking photos of her. According to the report, the situation escalated and sources told TMZ that Bynes began yelling at fans and allegedly became violent with one woman who shared photographs of the alleged incident. The woman claims that, regardless of the incident, she is still a fan of Bynes and does not intend to press charges.

In addition, according to New York Daily News, the pop singer made the photographers who had been taking her picture delete the photos from their cameras. Bynes later, reportedly, exited the venue with club personnel and left the club voluntarily with friends.

Despite all the drama, Bynes still maintains a very strong fan base of supporters who are not only happy to see her return to her Twitter audience, but who also still support her and hope for her recovery sooner rather than later. Having been 24 hours now since Bynes’ last tweet, fans and followers are eagerly awaiting her next 140 characters.

by Bridgette Bryant

E! Online
NY Daily Times


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