Amber Rose Denies Role in Nick Cannon Split With Mariah Carey

Nick Cannon

Though Nick Cannon is her manager, and they have spent a lot of time together in that regard, Amber Rose denies that they are anything other than friends and that her relationship with Nick had anything to do with Cannon’s much-publicized split his wife, Mariah Carey. However, Amber and Nick Cannon were recently spotted together at the Knott’s Berry Farm amusement park in Buena Vista, California, riding on the Xcelerator in the front row.

There was nobody in the rows behind them as if they had been cleared out so that Nick Cannon, 34, and Amber Rose could have a bit of romantic time together…or time to talk about business. An amusement park is not the likeliest place in the world to discuss business deals, but it could happen.

Amber Rose, who recently is estranged from her husband, Wiz Khalifa, believes that he cheated on her and has said that was the reason behind their break-up with each other. A source reportedly told a reporter with E! News that Amber and Nick just have a “business” relationship. Also, when Rose was asked on Thursday at the Beverly Hilton Hotel, where they both attended the XXIV Karat Champagne launch party, what the biggest lie she has ever heard of about herself was, she stated that it was that she “slept with Nick Cannon.”

She denied that it was true, stating it “didn’t happen,” though she said it was “cool for him.” They did not travel to the Hilton in Beverly Hills together. Nick Cannon, according to an eyewitness, arrived there at around 9:00 p.m. to support Amber.

Nick Cannon and his split with his wife, Mariah Carey, 45, has been the subject of much speculation among their fans and the media. They got married in 2008 and seemed to be very much in love. People have wondered why a couple that seemed to be happily married and to have it all, fame and fortune and two adorable twins, Moroccan and Monroe, would decide to split from each other. Some of the rumors have centered on the possibility that Nick Cannon had been cheating on Mariah, or that Mariah had reason to suspect that he had been cheating on her.

Earlier this week, Nick Cannon was interviewed on The Rickey Smiley Morning Show. Then, he referred to Amber Rose as being a model that he was “managing.” He seemed to be also denying any rumors that their relationship was anything more than a business one, saying he is not ready yet “to be in a new relationship.”

Of course, being spotted together by the media at a California amusement park does not necessarily mean that there is any romance going on between Nick Cannon and Amber Rose, who was married to Khalifa for about a year. Still, they were both there alone, and an amusement park is generally not the first place of choice where people go who want to talk about a business deal — especially not in the front row of Xcelerator.

Knott’s Berry Farm is a very public place. Celebs who go there must know that fact, and that the media will likely be there to document what goes on. By going to the amusement park, were Nick Cannon and Amber Rose trying to send out a message that they really do not care what anybody else thinks about their relationship?

After all, both Amber Rose and Nick Cannon have recently split up from former relationships. They have been spotted together, “cuddling up,” as the puts it, in front of cameras. They both know that being together at an amusement park will only further stir up rumors that their relationship is more than a business one. Being seen and photographed together in the front row of a ride at Knott’s Berry Farm seems much more like a date, as well as deliberately flaunting their possible romantic relationship to their former spouses, Mariah Carey and Wiz Khalifa.

Written By Douglas Cobb

Daily Times

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