American Horror Story Edward Mordrake Part 2: The Darkest Hour


In Edward Mordrake Part 2 of American Horror Story Freak Show the demon headed myth has arrived at the Jupiter, Florida camp to question the freaks about their darkest hour, the worst moment of their lives and those with the most blood and pain on their hands will be doomed to join the legend and his troupe. At first the dark legend speaks to the “seal boy” and the half-woman. Their tales are sad and bring a tear to the demon on the back of Mordrake’s head. Each have their darkest moments and have committed “sin.”

The woman inadvertently killed a man and Seal Boy reveals that he believes himself so good looking that not only did he refuse to tattoo his face, but he thinks if he were normal that the “boy” could have ruled the world. Mordrake also visits the “pin-heads” and reveals that they could never have committed any sin grievous enough to be “punished” by death. Jimmy Darling and the latest addition to the freak show, the Fortune Teller Maggie Esmerelda, run out of gas on a deserted country road and after Jimmy rolls the motorcycle off the road, the two hide as a car drives by.

By chance, the two are outside Twisty’s hideout where Dandy Mott is busily learning how to murder something other than animals. Prior to that the girl escapes and both Jimmy and “Maggie” go to save Twisty’s victims and Jimmy ends up being a hero. Although he tells the police that he will make sure that Meep’s death does not go unpunished. This episode of American Horror Story Freak Show, Edward Mordrake Part 2, is easily the most disturbing and revealing. While Mordrake wants to know certain freaks’ darkest hour, it seems that Elsa’s may be her confrontation with Edward that ranks, if not as the darkest, certainly her most desperate.

Watching the leader of the Freak Show beg to be released from this life is disturbing and shows just how desperately the American Horror Story star’s character wants to leave her suffering behind. She reveals that as Elsa, she knows that stardom is beyond her reach and that she really wanted to die on the day “The Watchers” cut off her legs with a chainsaw. As the audience watches her plead to die, it is hard not to sympathise with this former Dominatrix who lost her soul before WWII began. Even though she allowed none of her marks to touch her, she prostituted herself so much that she lost her identity.

In American Horror Story when Mordrake lifts the knife to plunge it into Elsa Mars’ heart to kill her, he hesitates, Elsa screams at him to “hurry up” and Edward asks her if she cannot hear what he does. The legend has heard Twisty’s soul crying out over the sound of Elsa’s pain and loss. In this segment, viewers learn of the homicidal clown’s backstory and what turned him into a killer. Amazingly, the murderer was turned into a monster by the dwarves of the carny where Twisty worked before. After losing everything, the clown tries to kill himself by putting a shotgun in his mouth and only succeeds in blowing his lower jaw away.

While Elsa’s story in Edward Mordrake Part 2 American Horror Story Freak Show is sad, depraved and upsetting, it is poor simple minded Twisty’s tale that really hits home. How a poor man who loved children was made a monster by jealousy and his mean spirited carny peers. Of course, what the maniac clown has done cannot be excused but it has at least been explained. Unfortunately, Dandy Mott has now proved that he is more than capable of stepping into Twisty’s oversized shoes and he has yet to earn his darkest hour. American Horror Story Freak Show airs Wednesdays on FX.

By Michael Smith



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